You got to love this business..... Twilight Zone experience for a LSA

Amrock dropped the ball today! Called me for a same day loan signing assignment at 12 pm EST, asked if I would be available for a 3pm refinance loan assignment. Well, I had planned to not work until this coming Monday, but because they offered to pay my asking fee. I accepted the assignment. Here’s where things started to go crazy, I get the documents and the signing was a GA loan signing with a Security Deed that didn’t have any notarial verbiage. All the other documents with notarial blocks that required notarization had the wrong state, county, and out of compliance with the Florida state statutes. If that didn’t make things interesting enough, it took almost an hour to get someone working with Amrock on the phone. It was around 1:30pm, when I got to talked with Amrock about the issues with the documents, The representative stated that she was new and needed one of her senior co-workers to help with my questions. After that, I thought everything was okay to proceed. Oh, did I tell you, that the signers was passing through my city and would meet with me at a Panera Bread location for the signing. At 1:45pm, I got the printing of the documents completed, but at 1:50 pm I get a notification that the signing has been canceled by the signers from Amrock. I had asked Amrock were they going to pay me a print fee, since I had already printed the documents. At 2:15 pm I get a text from the signers, stating they have arrived at Panera’s location early and was waiting for my arrival. Also, since the property is in GA, which is an attorney state. The attorney called me at 2:28 pm to explain his role and expectations. It’s funny, everyone else was still expecting the loan signing to be completed, except Amrock. So I tried calling Amrock back to see how this situation would be handled. Long story short, the signing was back on track. After I had completed the signing and dropped the loan package. At 3:55 pm, I received an email from Amrock, stating documents have been updated and ready for printing. Now this can’t be made up, it really happened. So I called Amrock again, stating the original loan documents have been printed, signed and dropped! The representative stated, she would be placing me on hold and will get back to me. In my mind, I was thinking this is like being in the twilight zone. Well I hope things work out for the good, because the signers are headed out of the country for vacation and I completed things as best as could be expected. :crazy_face:


Fired… They are so fired…

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With the low volume, you’d think we’d be hired 2 days before the Appt. (instead of 2 hrs) and we’d have docs the day before (instead of 10 minutes before the assignment).

Seems like it gets worse every week. All of 'em. Title, SS, platforms.

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Does it sounds like Ground Hog day?

I think you are amazing to pull that off. Just think–they have such high expectations of us (you).


Received this update today (07/06/24): “ We apologize for not providing the conference call details for the closing on 7/5/2024. Please confirm all parties connected with the attorney.” If I made an error on the signing, there would be consequences. There’s no loyalty rewards in this business!