Yuma Notary… I need your help…please

If you are a Notary in or near Yuma AZ I could really use your help.

Between calls for GNW, Signings and my inspection business I am seriously overwhelmed. I get about 5 to 10 calls a day from my google and Yelp listing for GNW that I am sending them to the UPS store because I’m so busy.

I have local inspection work that I am also in need of assistance with.

If you can help me please let me know.

Checked your website and see you have not changed your travel fee to new allowable rate in sync with IRS 62.5/mile. Might want to fix that as you’re leaving money on the table…which is most likely why you’re so busy.

The travel fee that is shown is what the SOS allows me to charge for GNW… that is the maximum fee I’m allow to charge. That is different from what I write off as a deduction for taxes… crazy I know. That is the only fee I am allowed to charge on top of my GNW fee of $10. However for my Inspection business my travel fee I bill per hour.

I do a lot with nursing homes and rehab facilities and often when I get those calls I am in a pickle as they can’t travel. I am looking for a reliable referral partner I can send those leads to. Most of those referrals would be often no less than $60 base. The one page document I send them to the UPS Store and even then I get call backs asking for a mobile notary…. Then the hunt stars again

What an amazing problem to have. Great problem!!

You might want to check this out: News — Notary A to Z
Scroll down the page to Travel fee increased in Feb., 2023.

From your website, it seems that you charge the state-mandated fee of $10/Cert. (which is not bad at all). As I also do a lot of hospital, etc., signings, it’s been my experience that these are usually only 1 or 2 notarizations. AZ law also still says you can’t charge any GNW travel fee if location is 10 miles or less. Therefore, I am puzzled by the $60 base fee you mentioned. Can you elaborate on that?

In my state, AR, about 10 years ago, they changed the law about travel fees to ONLY the annual allowable IRS mileage fee (which is intended to cover EMPLOYEES–who are also being paid an hourly wage while traveling). The unintended result of this change was that I, as well as many other notaries, stopped offering much needed service to the very people who need it most because it simply wasn’t cost effective due to the TRAVEL TIME involved.

I lobbied the heck out of my congress people and, finally, 2 or 3 years later, they changed the law again to allow me to charge for my TIME (IS MONEY!) FWIW: I learned a long time ago and the hard way that if you don’t value your time, nobody else will.


You are absolutely right on all you said… I am in a pretty good location where hospitals and rehab centers are less than a 10 min drive from me. If I were to guess I would saw at least 10 nursing homes and rehab cent combined, only 1 major hospital.

The $60 fee I was referring to is the average I usually get paid … maybe I would have worded it differently. Out of the last 10 appointments I had I received anywhere from $50 to $80 for each visit. Often it’s a multi notarization requests with many documents, along with my tip… which on average has been $$10-20… because I’m just so bubbly and accommodating and often it’s a last minute no appointment request and I don’t carry change and cash is my preferred method.

Thank you for that by the way…. I never knew that and of course they are not going to share that information. That’s more money in my pocket… A big thanks by the way… As a side note I had one appointment that I did take cause I was literally driving past the hospital when the call came in. I took the appointment and when I told the client the fee was only $10… ( he lived a block away from the hospital) he protested and absolutely refused to let me leave with only $10… he handed me a $50 bill and the $10 and wrote on my copy receipt “Notary deserves more that the $10… so I forced her to take a $50 tip… lol… then signed his name… that was priceless

I am in Arizona, Glendale but service all over! would love any direction to obtain more signings :slight_smile: also pleasure to meet you!

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