123 Notary - Monthly or yearly?


I am a new Notary and am signing up for online services. I do not live in an area that qualifies for the “free” 123 Notary. I cannot figure out if the service is $59 a year or a month. It is not clear…

Also I am wondering what other services you use to get business.

Thank you so much!

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Be careful and search here - I seem to recall some relatively recent posts where people have paid to list over there, paid their money and never got listed.


Thank you for letting me know!

I thought that I saw a lot of people recommended it… But, I will double check and see what people are saying!

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123 is listing site that charges a yearly fee for placement. Higher placement cost more, as much as $1000 or more for #1. You can buy your way to the top but if you’re not a seasoned professional your top listing will be removed.

You’re much better off enfolling with signing services. I believe you can find a list on this site.

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Thank you for the information!

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Don’t do 123 he’s a con


sign up with snapdocs and signing order both are free.


Thank you very much for this information!

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I have read that. Ironically, I received a decent order from being found there a few weeks ago. I can’t edit my profile or “log in”. In fact, my laptop won’t even go to the website anymore. My renewal is due soon and I am up in the air about what I am going to do.

When I was considering it, my computer wouldn’t let me go to the payment page… It wasn’t safe. I got 4 warnings before I gave up and let my computer win.

Probably a good thing.

My renewal is up in May, and I may have to let it go. I really hate that because I always manage to get a new customer from that site.

@dawnsnotary My experience mirrors yours . . .

As my computer . . .

Like you, in a status of discernment & decision; however, as my computer protection software will not allow access - currently considering manual payment in this determination process.

NOTE: Although, if my computer system will not allow access, it generates ‘cause for pause’ if the Title/Escrow companies will choose to access the 123 directory to locate those of us listed within it if they’re receiving the same CAUTION messages . . .

For more about manual payment, see below.


The 123 website identifies there is a way to make a payment through USPS mail utilizing a money order/certified check made payable to 123notary .com for the correct amount (as identified on your profile) and mailing it to the 123 mail address: ADDRESS DELETED => see my post below


I may go the mail route. I have about a month to make a decision.

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Please keep in mind the fact that if we are unable to access the website via our technology, the Title/Escrow companies may not (or choose not) to risk the potential for security breach . . . if they receive the same CAUTION messages . . .***


@dawnsnotary Hmmm . . .

Interestingly, I sent a Certified Check for the annual renewal fee to the ADDRESS displayed on the 123notary .com website for mailing in a payment and the United States Post Office (USPS) just ALERTED me that the item is being returned to me because:

the address was vacant or the business was no longer operating at the location and no further information was available.” (see image below for screen shot of USPS the Alert)

Their website CONTINUES to be flagged by the antivirus software with the following notification:

“This page was blocked for your protection. The webpage your are trying to access contains dangerous URLs.”

So, I’m going to DELETE the mailing address from my post above so that no one else WASTES postage + Certified Mail + Return Receipt costs to submit payment since it’s not a current address. Since it’s NOT SAFE to submit payment via the website directly, guess there’s no option to renew . . . :flushed:


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His other website is not secure either.

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He does not return phone calls or e-mails either. But the website is still up and running and it comes up in web searches. But no commentary anymore like in the past. He is accepting on line payments. I made one in Jan. I think that will be my last as he may be going out of business sometime soon and doesn’t communicate.

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Seems to be m/l on autopilot. Since Jan, 2023 someone else is writing the ‘blog’ every week…and it’s pretty good advice. I am still getting good business from the site.

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It’s not safe to make online payments according to the antivirus software ALERTS that present when accessing their website - regardless of whether accessing the Forum, Profile, Payment, etc.


So, for the safety of my business computer - unable to access for payment. Regarding manual payment, as noted above, sent payment via USPS, but it’s being returned per the USPS notification => "the address was vacant or the business was no longer operating at the location and no further information was available .”


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