1st transaction deal

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Today I received a text message from someone saying they needed documents notarized but that it’s not for a real estate transaction but for their mother’s probate and title. I did not get a notification via notary café.com only a personal text message. Is this legit? Since this is my first transaction, I’m uncertain. Any help is greatly appreciated!


I would be very very careful. Too many frauds:(

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So how can you tell if it is not a fraud?

Text the person back…tell them to call to discuss. Payment is standard fee for GNW work plus travel and time, they supply all docs and witnesses as required, and you are paid at the table

Definitely would ask them to please call to discuss


They asked my fee and I told them and they said they would have 3 signers

I’m not an expert so to be safe, I don’t just take orders from random request, I will only take orders from known titles and lenders. I’m scared.

I called and spoke to the guy and it sounds legit

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If your profile is ‘visible to all’, this is probably a request from a member of the public and not from a signing service. I’d do as Linda suggested. TALK to them. Hope you’ve done your homework and know what’s allowed for travel in your state and the fee you’re allowed/notarization. If the $ works for you—get your feet wet.


I called the guy and he sounds legitimate I told him my flat rate is 150 and he said OK he’d pay cash

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Also since he told me that he got my contact info through notary Café I thought on my desktop through notary Café it would say 1 new active signing ??

No, as it’s GNW for a member of the public and NOT thru a TC or SS. This is a Directory, too. Anyone can find you if you’ve made your profile
visible to all’–which, apparently you have done.

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Definitely looks like they just used the “find a notary” feature, viewed your profile and contacted you directly. Go get it girl!


A flat fee of $150 for the packages commonly involved in real estate sales, purchases, or refinances might be reasonable, depending on your situation. It seems rather high for general notary work.

You don’t mention your state. Some states have rules about maximum fees. If it’s a real estate package you can usually get around the rules, by saying it’s a fee for travel, printing, waiting while the signer reads documents that aren’t being notarized, etc. It’s harder to get around rules for general notary work.

For general notary work, usually you just travel, watch the signer sign, take a few acknowledgements or administer a few oaths, and leave. In those states that set maximum fees, usually the greatest fee per notarial act you’ll find is $15 (like California). Some states have much lower fees. If you were in California and it was three signers signing one document, that would be $45. Charging $105 for travel would be pretty high in most situations.

Your state may also have rules about providing an itemized receipt or displaying a sign showing what your fees are.

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@Ashton she has posted previously - 3 signers, 10 probate/estate documents. IMO that $150 is very reasonable for the scope of work requested


If there are three signers and each one is signing ten documents, that’s 30 notarial acts. If that’s the case, then the signers are getting a bargain at $150. Hope randitafoya has checked the notary rules in her state to make sure it’s OK; some of the states have rules that make it impossible to run a profitable general notary work business.

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I usually get a call, text or email for LS work. If they email or text I always call to talk to them. I haven’t had any problems. Companies have found me on Notary Cafe but does not contact me through that platform. The usually call me to give me an assignment or text.

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Thanks everyone for your help!! I’m simply excited to have any signings!

I’ve never done title transfers. With that said, I over charged the guy and had to contact him afterwards and let him know I overcharged him. He said keep it as a donation!


Love it! Congratulations on completing your first sgning! :+1::+1::+1::+1::clap::clap:

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Thank you very much!

I’m not sure what all these acronyms mean but do you need to have your profile searchable to the public ?