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Hi, I am a new NNA certified, NSA and am in the process of signing up with contracting companies and generally getting my name out there. This is not a compliant, but frustration & looking for some constructive advice. It seems the better & higher paying companies want at least 2 years of experience. How does one obtain experience if all they want are experienced NSA’s? Don’t we all have to start somewhere? Are all new NSA’s doomed to working for practically nothing with companies who aren’t considered the best just to gain that experience?
From what I’ve read in these forums, it’s as though newbies have to “kiss a lot of frogs” and deal with contracting companies who low ball fees, and take their time (some up to 90 days) to pay the very people who help them succeed in their business. Can anyone relate to this?


I’d like to bring this back up to the top and make a request of all folks asking questions in any of the various sections on this site…

Please sign your posts when asking a question - for example, at the end of a post I’d put “LindaH/FL” - so folks reading it know I’m in Florida - and you can get state specific answers to your questions.

So many folks ask questions and the answers are state specific - so it’s really important that we know where you are so we can answer you appropriately.

I hope you all see what I’m asking for here and thank you for helping us help you.




I was asked to sign a one year contract and that no mileage would be paid and that there was a flat fee with no notary expenses. They know that I am new and sometime solicit $30 signings to me (two months as new signing agent). I don’t take them.
I have the right to refuse assignments.
Are contracts usual in this business?

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I have a Refi tomorrow morning. My first one. Do they send me the papers or do I print them out, There were none with the confirmation. Then…I am confused. It says Same day drop no fax needed. Then There is a Fax Back Sheet. Help!!!

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Read your confirmation - does it say anything about “e-docs”? Usually they email the docs to you when they’re ready and you print two sets - one for signature, one to leave with the signers.

Same day drop no fax needed means you don’t need to scan or fax any signed docs to them - but they want you to drop that package the same day as the signing…

The FaxBack sheet is probably for title’s use to send docs to lender…

Call your hiring party for clarification


Thank you for taking the time to explain it

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I’m new. I have about 20 signings that I have yet to be paid for.
I’m unclear how to get paid for the signings. Some companies automatically tell you they are sending a check. Some just don’t say anything and I’m stuck trying to figure it out.
Did a few signings for coast to coast. Two were in notary dash and two were in snap docs. Can someone tell me what the process is for payment? Do I need to send them an invoice for each signing? I’m at a loss.

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Hi @npiekarz, you can either call the companies or invoice them. If you haven’t signed up with Notary Gadget, I highly recommend it. It allows you to keep track of all your signings and has a built in invoice system you can send out.


What is the address for Notary Gadget?

Icrumbnsa, I have not heard of being asked to sign a 1 year contract. I think it is normal that the notary include mileage and expenses in the fee you settle on. maybe others will join in.

For me, if I have an assignment query and it is over 15 miles, I will ask for mileage or courier .
increase/consideration. However, no-one pays direct expense and mileage. We also enjoy tax deductions at the end of the year. So, keep excellent records of your expenses, business miles, etc (remember to keep track of what you spend on training, memberships, etc.)



Hi. What have you been doing during your pre-notary life? Make the most of it and how it relates to your “managing” loan signings.

Also, take a peak at others profiles as well as any notary/nsa ad near you.

Hello @NC_Stan. I am a newly certified NSA but have not accepted any jobs as of yet. So you have any suggestions on how or where to order document sleeves for both FedEx and UPS? When I look on their websites (FedEx &UPS) they don’t show the proper ones for loan docs. I believe this is the last thing that I need before I can begin accepting offers. Help would be greatly appreciated, as I am very anxious to get started.

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You can open a FedEx and UPS account and order directly from them; or check their drop boxes or at any FedEx or UPS outlet - they’ll give them to you too


Can someone explain to me how/what a Refi, 1st Only signing consist of?

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Thank you very much Linda H !! I appreciate your advice. I do have another question, more like confirming what I think the answer is, lol. In regards to the Notice of Right to cancel, Is Sunday considered a business day when counting the 3 business days? Are the only days that are not considered business days National/ Federal holidays and/or Observance of Federal holidays?

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No…only federal holidays

As to the second part of your question, not sure if the observance day is counted or not (for example if a federal holiday by date falls on a Sunday, is Monday (the observed day) considered counted as the holiday - I believe it may be but honestly am not sure.

Ok, thank you very much!

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Another newbie question. Has anyone ever received a notification from snapdos 15 min prior to the signing? Could that have been a mistake? Obviously I couldn’t even respond to it, for one I was right in the middle of something and 2, even I hadn’t been there was no possible way I could do it in 15 min. Just curious since that is the very first notification I have received from snapdocs.


@valerie_cantua, you do not have to take every signing, especially if the timing is unrealistic. You could also respond and comment or ask questions about the time. I refuse RUSH signings, I refuse to put my credibility on the line for a few dollars. This seems like a regular practice by some companies.