Add to my loan signing portfolio

I would like to add to my notary signing experience. Where can I learn to do a buyer/seller loan signing?

They are pretty straight forward happy to schedule a time to walk u thru via phone etc…send me a message if u would like. I am NNA and LSS Cert and have closed from 400 to 500 loans and completed 1000 plus docs GNW.

Hi. I would really like your help when you have a moment.

Thank you so much

Yvonne Dupree

Hey Yvonne I would definitely look into training before you get started. I’ve seen tons of notaries have that bit them in the butt. There 's 3 that I know of that are really good. If you are in Texas the Texas Notary Public Training Academy is the only training that is state specific, if not there is Notary2Pro by Carol Ray, if you have a FB and become part of the Safe Haven for Notaries you get a discount to her course. And there is Sign and Thrive by Bill Soroka the Notary Coach, he has two books out that are absolutely AWESOME! Highly recommend getting the Sign and Thrive book and his course is not that expensive.

I have been a notary for 5 months now and have my title producer license. I have completed 400 signings so far.

I just wanted to add to my portfolio where I can do buyer/seller loan signings.

I shouldn’t have to pay for more training for that or should I?