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So I got certified as a signing agent May 3 and have listed my credentials on several platforms. (Notary Rotary, Snapdocs, Signing Order, Notary Cafe) I am going back and forth about membership on 123Notary. Could someone share if they’ve generated leads from that platform? I’d really like to use them if it’s worth the membership fee. Their tier examples are a bit confusing and I’m not sure I understand how it works but will give it a go if the consensus it that listing with them is beneficial.

Thanks in advance!

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Generally, yes, worth it. In current market, probably not. Particularly if there’s a lot of experienced competition nearby.**


I have to agree with @Arichter


@boydsigninginc Like @Carmen_Lane , I concur with @Arichter 's insights & guidance in this business sector & the current market conditions. :owl:


I also agree…yes, it is worth the listing DEPENDING on how much competition in your area. I got my best title company clients from that listing (back in the day 14-15 years ago). Not sure about today’s market

Get his cheapest one to start and see how it goes for you

Sorry, I just feel the need to lower your expectations. Leads? This isn’t sales but if it was, try to imagine splitting your signing agent fee/commission 70% (them) / 30% (you) for the lead. Sorry, I digressed for a moment. The entire Loan Signing opportunity hinges on the Mortgage business and I probably don’t have to tell you it’s in a freefall. The Internet Gurus will tell you now is the time to diversify and start focusing on general notary work but fail to say that you have to invest your money in advertising to get your phone ringing. I know of some states that limit the amount you can charge for a notarization to $2 a signature, would you work for that?

Now I’ll do 123. This well-respected listing service is where Title companies go to hire professional loan signers direct. (123) is not a middleman that takes most of your signing agent fees however being on their preferred list does not help you get any general notary business.

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Advertising your business is essential for the growth of your business. Identifying the best way to advertise your business for the greatest return on your investment can be hard to answer. You need to have a budget and a long-term marketing strategy. I have gotten calls from people that found my name on those databases. Truth be told, it the cost of doing business, you have to put yourself in position to be found. In today’s market, it so important to have at least five ways to generate business. You have to find out what works best for you in your geographic market, because not everyone’s market is the same.


I agree, their tier examples are very confusing, and I really couldn’t understand it, so I decided not to signup with them.

I will probably sign up with “123” in the future but right now I’m doing ok without them.

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I have received a lot of orders from 123Notary in the past, but I have had a BIG problem with them for 3 months. I moved to another State. I changed my address in my listing, except only they can change the State and zip code. I have sent emails and tried to call numerous times and do not get ANY response. I have read that the owner has had personal issues since late last year. Supposedly there is at least one other person working there. No one responds.

So I am getting zero business through them now. I get calls for business, but it is for where I previously lived.

Jeremy does not respond. Last year, I reactivated my account. I cannot access the forums (not a big deal) and struggled to updated my profile. I emailed, called, sent messages on LinkdIn and nothing. I hope you get your issue solved.

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Some of my best companies have come from 123 especially 15 years ago. I still get enough leads from that site to support the cost of my listing. Granted, they are mostly out of state title companies that only do one or two signings a year in my area, but the pay has always been good from those leads.

Texas has about 500,000 Notaries for 30 million residents. This means there’s 60 residents for each notary. With retail locations offering notary services, advertising may not be a good idea. For comparison CA has a similar population as Texas, with about 30,000 Notaries putting ratio at 1000 Californians per Notary. Texas is saturated so getting any engagements has a lower probability.

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I just finished a commercial loan I received from 123 yesterday that paid me $250. So the listing stll pays off. On that Texas count, I believe the total commissioned notaries is a bit over half a million. Getting assignments there is akin to winning the lottery.

Actually, the total out here on the left coast is closer to 150K. But you would be surprised how many incarcerated, infirm, and institutionalized persons are in need of remote notary services. If you don’t advertise they will never find you.

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The number of Texas Notaries still has CA beat by at least a factor of 3.33:1. The last head count I found from the NNA and the Texas Notary Association are about 1.5 years old. With more than 500,000 Notaries the ratio drops lower than I had earlier assessed. In my region, San Antonio/Austin metro plex, most medical centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and prisons/jail have inhouse notaries. Factor in the popularity of notary services at retail locations, my efforts at advertising has mostly been money wasted. Most recent estimates are 30 new NSAs are entering the business per month in Texas. The last closing request I received for a buyer package was $75.00 that included 170 pages (x2) and 70 miles round trip.

Way back before the ploferation of signing services I would get calls from signers who were overnighted their loan docs then told to hire a notary. That’s when we charged $10 per signature. I loved those Texas loans, they had dozens of notarized documents. Add in a modest travel fee and a notary could make $200+ cash on any loan signing.

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I too am trying to change my information and cannot get anyone to contact me back. The forms to fill out are tedious and I have also called and emailed with no one responding to me. I have received no leads from 123.

Stay away from 123 notary. If you do sign take the free listing.

I had heard he did away with the free listing - when I signed up way back when, Carmen guaranteed me a free listing for life - when she passed and he redid the entire site, my listing went bye bye unless I paid.

Well when Carmen passed we stopped paying for the #1 spot because he got carried away with his pricing also he is as rude as he wants to be. So we are on his site as a free listing to this day. Just be careful with him. Bottom line is very seldom did we get calls for closings from his site.