ALERT: Anyone have experience with Prestige Notaries?

I have received an email to sign up. I gave all my information and have not heard back of any set up of a notary account or any signings being offered. I however received at least one more email about notary discounts passed on from their company to us for free.

I have done many signings for Prestige Notaries. It is a good company. They are there for your questions! Jennifer is great to work for!

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I’ve worked with Prestige for over a year. Great team! Jennifer is very professional and really looks out for her signing vendors. The pay is moderate, but you get paid on time and it’s always a good working experience. This would be a good relationship to cultivate for new notaries.

Although I have successfully worked with Prestige Notaries in the past, yesterday I had a signing where I had a question during the day that was never responded to and a question while at the signing table, where, after trying four after hours phone numbers given to me and a 24/7 number, I was unable to reach anyone. Either they were closed or the mailboxes were full. Their notice said “we are always available” but be warned that you may be on your own. I made a judgment call and went forward as best I could, as the document was not a critical one. Still heard nothing from them today.

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I have taken two jobs from Prestige aka Notary Dash. I was never paid on one of them and the other took 3 months of sending my invoices to them to get paid. They’ve sent me other offers and I routinely turn them down because of payment issues. I am constantly amazed that a few of these SS do not pay on time or, in some cases, they never pay. I’m going after them for my hard-earned money. I’m in a position where I can afford the time and effort to collect. If I don’t collect, I will use whatever means is available to comment on their business practices, including using this site to warn others. Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs Department, Secretary of State’s Office, whoever. Non-payers will be sorry they dealt with me. And, if I came up short somehow on my signing assignment, they should just tell me and we can work out an adjustment. I don’t mess up very often, but when I have, I’ve offered to eat the fee if it means the SS will forgive and forget after I repair the error. It’s been a while since that’s happened but I’m willing to take responsibility for my errors/oversights. That honorable practice has held me in good stead and I always endeavor to do better.

No pay? No way! Prestige has not heard the last from me.


I love working for them, never had a problem!

Let me know how I can join you in this. I’ve been waiting 114 days for payment on the one and only sighing I’ve completed for them and I’ve sent invoices to no avail. Fortunately they are the only company to not pay me.

Make sure you are sending your invoice to They will not get passed along if you just send it to one of the schedulers. Jennifer (the owner) will give it attention if it gets directly to her. But, she too will tell you to send your invoices directly to accounting. I’ve been with them since almost their inception and they have grown a great deal to a national servicer over these past few years. They are a great group of people to work with.

Did that in December.

I just included Jennifer in a followup email. Perhaps that will get accounting moving.

Prestige Notaries are the absolute WORST signing service out there. RUN

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@notarynearme were you able to collect your money? I did a signing for them on 12/13/22 and still have not received payment despite several attempts. Aprille has a real attitude problem when she replies, which isn’t often. I have emailed Jennifer directly, but am doubtful of a productive response, if I receive a response at all.

They are a very slow payer and sometmes require a follow up but I’ve always been paid. They require an invoice.