ALERT: Financial Solutions Group?

Anyone heard of them? I have received 2 assignments this week from Unlimited Ink Notary (who have been very helpful & I love working with them). The documents are from Financial Solutions Group, only 13 pages, 1 notarization. Both signers for these were elderly. I did one last week, went to do another yesterday morning. I arrive at signers house and he is distraught because Financial Solutions charged 3 of his cards, maxing out one of them, he is on the phone with the bank trying to figure it out and he is angry with me until I explain I don’t work for Financial Solutions. He says he has no idea what he is even signing and he was told there would be no charge. At this point I’m on the phone with Unlimited Ink who gives me a number for the rep at Financial who isn’t in the office yet so I leave a message to get this gentlemen’s questions answered. It ends with a refusal to sign as he felt he was being scammed and I am excused by Unlimited Ink. The rep calls me back 2 hrs later! He was angry that I left but I was getting a horrible feeling about this signing and I was NOT going to make an elderly man sign something he was uncomfortable with!! It was also almost 2 hrs of driving total for me and had other apps to get to, I couldn’t have waited 2 hrs for this man to call me back. The first one I did last week, the woman was saying her cards had been “hacked” and charged up as well. I’m not sure what this company is all about but I’m worried about getting entangled in something I shouldn’t be.


I have never heard of them - what were the docs work for? Sounds pretty sketchy…

I was reading through them a bit and seems like help with debt negotiation…signing the paper would give this company all of the information for any card listed on another sheet in packet and he had 3 listed and all 3 were charged from what he was telling me. It states if they sign a $2100 fee is non refundable but he had yet to sign. I just find it strange that two elderly peoples cards were maxed out and then signing papers like this for this company. If their cards were just hacked the credit card company/banks could fix that without the help of a third party…

Sounds scammy…Thanks for the heads up!

You’re welcome! I hope I am wrong and not trying to bash this company intentionally, just worried about these signers and my name!

Financial Solutions Group. . . the name alone suggests that this “company” is about debt restructuring. Unless you like trouble in your life, best to stay away from outfits such as these.

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Will definitely be turning these down from here on!

I hate to say this but good luck to get paid from Unlimited Ink. If other company, you should get paid for the travel and print fees.

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I did one of those kind of closing a few years ago. In going over the documents with the signer it became clear to him, and to me, it was not a good thing to do. I notified the company he would not sign. Ever since I have turned down all of those kind of jobs. They have a bad odor to me.

I’m sorry you had to go through something like this and thank you for sharing with all of us. I’m truly surprised at Unlimited Ink getting involved with this kind of signing.

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Ooof not what I like to hear after I just did about 7 orders for them…I’ll update on payment status in a couple weeks. I saw mixed reviews of them on here prior to taking more from them but they have been very helpful while at assignments and even texted me additional FedEx drop sites in my area with later drop times because they knew I was in a time crunch.

Yeah I will for sure be turning them down from here on out

I’ve had one of these before. the elders has been scammed. This paperwork has to be notarized for the credit card company to acknowledge who they say they are. It’s terrifying so many of our elders are getting scammed.

In the last month I have seen a number of posts on the various notary forums about debt solution companies charging up front fees for their service. This is illegal. As our economy struggles, these type of companies increase. This link was posted on another forum. Debt Relief Companies Prohibited From Collecting Advance Fees Under FTC Rule That Takes Effect October 27, 2010 | Federal Trade Commission. (This also applies to companies who take applications for mortgage modifications. There were thousands of borrowers who were scammed by this scheme during the economic crisis/mortgage crisis in the 2000’s and lost their homes in foreclosure).


You mentioned Unlimited Ink, is this Ronnie’s new Debt Counseling venture? Thank you for sharing this experience, I will definitely steer clear of any of these notifications.

Candice you said the representative was angry that you left the signing. Does he expect you to sit 2 hours waiting for him to call the client back.?? Run girl run. This whole situation sounds like a sketchy scheme! And never ever try to pressure anybody that does not want to sign a document! You did the right thing!


I have have no issues in the past with Unlimited Ink but they have yet to pay me for a signing almost 2 months ago and are not responding to messages.

@mmeredith94 Sorry to read about your non-payment experience . . .

There is a post by @rparker that you may find instructional/helpful:


Yikes! Sorry to hear that. I hope I have no issues, should start getting checks from them next week if all goes well.

Good information. I encountered a similar situation with an elderly gentleman doing a Debt Resolution and in reviewing the cost and payments, they were outrageous and I felt like I was a part of something not good. Even though I explained to the signer that “I am totally independent of this company “