ALERT: Have you signed for Notary On The Run? AKA Jen’s Elite Notary Services

Looking for info on this company.

Do you have anything to go on, other than the name? Did you get an email from them? A letter? A phone call? Did you see a website?

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an email for a local job.

@avanmur As Carmen identified above, a quick Search of the extensive “gold mine” of information within the Notary Cafe database will provide sagacious insights & helpful data.

I performed a brief Search for you of the Notary Cafe database with the following germane results:


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Yes, thank you… I did follow Carmen’s instructions & found these responses too.

Wondering if the OP @avanmur could ADD the term “ALERT” or “WARNING” at the beginning of the Thread Title please . . .


NOTE: If doing a Search to vet a potential new client and the term ALERT or WARNING is in the title, it would be a quicker reference instead of having to pull up the thread, read through the posts, etc.

I did a signing (1 document/notarization for Attorney) for Notary On The Run (Sepulveda Blvd, LA CA) on 07/18/2022. Initially I declined the offer because it was so low and it was a 30 minute drive each way. They kept calling me, so we agreed upon a fee.
Today 10/27/2022, I still have not been paid. Notary On The Run does not answer my phone calls or respond to my emails. My last email indicated that if I did not hear from them I would contact the Attorney the signing was completed for and request payment.
We will see what happens.

Here is the information I have for Notary On The Run:
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Ste#D-931
Los Angeles, CA 90045

@northwestnotaryinc Sorry to read about you difficulties receiving payment for professional services successfully completed.

In case it may prove helpful, here is a the direct Notary Cafe url link to a beneficial & fruitful post by @rparker wherein he provides the steps to achieve success in collection of overdue accounts:


I would contact the attorney and let them know you’ve not been paid. Technically, you should have been paid at the table…this sounds more like GNW…payable on the spot.

Contact the attorney

I resent an invoice today reminding Notary On The Run of my previous attempts to collect amount due and that if I did not receive payment I would be reaching out to the hiring Attorney for payment.
Like magic, I received an immediate response indicating my invoice would be sent accounting for payment.

@northwestnotaryinc Thank You for the followup actions you’ve taken. You probably already know this; however, just in case . . . some non-paying business entities will employ the phrase “your invoice has been sent accounting for payment” (or some other phrase conveying the same position along those lines) as a ruse to enable further delay in proper payment for the professional services successfully provided.

I hope you achieve prompt success in payment for your services.


I too did a job in July & rec’d pmt 60 days later. Did you invoice them? And starting around day 50, I began calling everyday (which is allowed when collecting on a debt) or I emailed the invoice if I didn’t call.

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