ALERT: Offers from Notary Zoom

I received an offer from Notary Zoom signing service. I can’t find any info on this company. After thinking on it a few (too many) minutes, I tentatively accepted it, but seem to have missed it.

Bright side…now I have time to check on their reputation!

Any comments?

I’m in NC, if it matters.


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I know it’s been awhile since you posted this but did you end up doing the assignment? I can’t seem to find anything on them either? Curious your experience. I was trying to find them as I was advised to sign up with them.


Owner is Lara Tessadri, would highly recommend. She typically trains her notaries in lieu of scans for non same day funding files.

Very above board


Hmmm even googling her name doesn’t seem to connect her with a company called Notary Zoom…
Any additional info you could provide that may help me?

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Not really, she’s awesome, lol

Is Notary Zoom a company in regards to RON or do they do other types of signings

They do a variety of closings

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Search my post on “possible fraud” I just had an interaction with them or maybe someone impersonating them through the Signing agent portal… Its taged under NotaryZoom all one word. Here is the direct Notary Cafe url link:


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Thank you so much! I will also update after the investigation is complete.

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Wondering if you have a moment or two available to provide an update please on your experiences? TIA


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I never heard anything back.

I think they just were trying to utilize threating language and made a mistake in thier communication.

I don’t know about anyone elses experience latley, but it seems like there have been some over the top requests and demands.

Last year I didnt experience any strange or borderline fraudulent requests.

The last probably 4 months I have dealt with a few companies that made requests that were unethical to me and possibly fraudulent in nature. Most of these companies I have never heard of before and I was surprised at the nature of these requests.

I don’t choose to do business with any of them and have refused around 4 or 5 jobs recently.

I don’t know if its just me having bad luck, or if others are experiencing this as well.

I’m curious to hear peoples experiences.

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You are so welcome!:blush:

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I received an offer from them yesterday, through signing-order. However, I immediately had some concerns as well. Notary Zoom does not have a website or a company telephone number.

I reached out to them via email requesting additional information about the company. The response I received was that the order was from signing-order. I responded back requesting NotaryZoom’s contact information.

I received a call back from a women (from her personal cell phone number), a few hours later.
She confirmed NotaryZoom as legitimate and said she had been working for them for the past fouryears. She couldn’t confirm the company address because she worked remotely, but offered a call back from the owner.

After several hours of not hearing back from the owner, I decided to do some research on my own, but didn’t find anything online. I finally checked the business registration, (she mentioned she was in California) and it shows NotaryZoom registered for a little over a year, with no prior history or name change.

Although I don’t believe NotaryZoom is a scam, I nevertheless, declined the order. The information I found on this company, raised too many red flags for me. I prefer to do business with signing companies that are professional and transparent.

I hope this helps in any way.


Hi! NotaryZoom is me. You are welcome to email us at if you have questions. We are def legit. Ty!

Hi. We don’t have a website because we don’t need one. All of our business comes from my relationships with my escrow officers. But you can find me on the NotaryZoom FB group or the CA New Notary Network FB group. I’m also co-owner of Notary Academy. I’m very accessible. Or email me at Ty

Hi. I’m sorry your felt our company language is threatening. But we have had a notary in the past lose a cashiers check. So it’s now company policy to staple all checks to the CD or settlement statement. Most SS have this liability in their legal language but you may not be aware. It’s also why all notaries are required to have E and O. Just a part of the risk of this business. But I understand if you don’t want to take the risk. But you also have the same risk if you lose documents or drop docs without a receipt. We aren’t out to get our notaries. I train my notaries, have meet ups online and in person and you can find me in the NotaryZoom FB group, any of the New Notary Network state FB groups, or at Notary Academy. Happy to chat with you. or Ty.

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Sorry. We don’t do RON yet. We are in CA and it’s not allowed here yet. We are nationwide though so we schedule mobile notaries in all states.

Thank you for the information. The owner responded on my original thread also.

It raised red flags to me so I definitely wanted to share.
I never heard anything back from signing agent looking into it, so I believe they are okay as far as not being fraudulent. However, I don’t choose to agree to thar specific wording.

Yes, we are responsible for certain things, but I just don’t feel it necessary to specifically state that we may have to cover a lost check with our own…thats where I would severely question agreeing to it personally.

Thank you for your post:)