All-purpose acknowledgement

New to the job and we almost got pulled into a bad situation. Our signing service told us to stamp an “All-Purpose Acknowledgment”. We asked them to check and make sure it was OK and they came back after talking to the “Loan Officer” that it was OK, just stamp and sign and leave the bottom part blank. We called NNA hot line and it is ILLEGAL! We are pretty sure it is a nation-wide law not to sign “blank”/extra certificates so it really surprised us when our service told us to do it.

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@kurtgeisen Thank You for sharing your direct (learning) experience with the signing service [SS].


There are multiple posts & threads across the Notary Cafe forum from us sages as well as other widely experienced members who strongly advocate for garnering as much training/certification as you need to feel confident as a business owner to manage your newly launched business.

Dorothy is no longer in Kansas as some might say . . .

Here are a few threads/posts that you may find insightful/helpful:

The business owner mentality is nearly completely diametrically opposed to that of an ‘employee’ mentality.

I’ll leave it at: Caveat Emptor


A blank All-Purpose acknowledgement can be attached to any document. These can be attached to any document, including one’s you didn’t notarize. This can put you in serious legal trouble. DO NOT NOTARIZE ANY BLANK OR GENERAL PURPOSE ANYTHING UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

My apologies for the loud response. This is something that needs to be heard by everyone, especially the newbies.


I’ve seen this on several appointments. I keep them just in case and either fill them out if needed. I always add page counts (1 of 2, 2 of 2)

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New to the job, was this your first assignment?

Were you required to scan ths copies back to the signing service before shipping them?

What’s the name of the signing company that made the request?

Its not illegal for them to ask, but it’s on you if you comply.

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