I found a list of MISMO approved RON, RIN, and IPEN providers for emortgage closing!

But I was able to sign up with them and created an account with Nexsys Clear Sign.


Nexsys Clear Sign is free to sign up for notaries but it is very STATE-SPECIFIC. First, check if they are on the list of your state approved providers.

I can only speak for my specific state. For example. I was invited to be added as a RON notary for a title company. It is free for me to create an account but I had to pay for my own digital certificate and digital seal/stamp to be on Nexsys Clear Sign. I bought those two items through NNA. Please don’t quote me on this, but to the best of my knowledge, I don’t think they charge a notary for having an account with them. No per notarization fee, no monthly fee, no annual fee. But they DO NOT send you any business, you have to go find titles and lenders who use Nexsys Clear Sign and ask them to ADD YOU as one of their RON notary signing agents in order to get orders and pay directly by those companies. Nexsys is just a portal. They don’t charge or pay notaries.
Again it is very State-Specific, so you may require to provide a little more or less than just get the digital certificate and digital seal/stamp.

Note: You don’t have to wait to be invited, you can just make sure you have a Nexsys Clear Sign account ready to go and ask titles and lenders who use Nexsys to add you on their list so you can get orders and pay directly by them.


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Thank you I was able to sign up with them with the link you provided…Thank you again.

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Good job. Now just need to go find titles and lenders who use Nexsys for RON transactions and ask them to add you as one of their wonderful RON notary signing agents. Good Luck. I got another one adding me on their panel, ServiceLink. :+1:

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The arrogance of these responses to me is infuriating. None of you know the effort and hours that I have put in to research and development of understanding for myself. At NO POINT did I ask for anyone to hold my hand or do my job for me. Like I said in my question, I had been following your comments specifically and thought I respected your opinion and experience which is why I was asking what YOU specifically found most helpful to get where you are. Listing your top two or three sources would have taken you less than a minute. But instead you guys want to look down from your high horses at people in the same position that you were at some point. I have no doubt that there were people who practiced a little patience and generosity with their time with you when you were brand new. Now all you guys can do is lecture and make assumptions about us newbies being lazy and wanting our hands held, “not knowing what we don’t know”. :face_vomiting: The reality is that there are a billion resources and lists and things to read/watch/listen to out there and it is very overwhelming and confusing no matter how determined or hard working one is. So my apologies to all of you LSA masters who have forgotten what it’s like to be on the bottom looking up asking for a little direction.


@trustedsigning Hmmm . . .

As new members seek insights regarding launching their business, a Key Element to Success is providing themselves with an appropriate foundation and undergirding that will serve & support their business.


Over the years of having successfully completed nearly all the available training programs, I only recommend the very Best (see below). This training amounts to a few hundred dollars. Due to the very reasonable price, the training investment can be quickly recouped. This investment is worthwhile & will serve you greatly over time. It will also save you from wasting precious time.

Certainly, we haven’t forgotten our maiden voyage into this business sector nor how very difficult and how long and challenging the climb was to make. Maybe the realization that we are providing this wisdom without compensation hasn’t occurred to you . . .

When we were learning, no one handed us answers (unless we paid a Mentor for their insights). We each had to grind it out, make mistakes, learn, correct, and implement a plan of action to improve the services we provide via our businesses 1 at a time.

This training not only provides guidance and instruction regarding providing these services, but also provides MUCH information about how to start, manage, and grow a business within this business sector. In addition, they provide Mentoring services at very reasonable rates.

Many of the elementary queries posed on a daily basis within this forum would already be answered if they completed this training.

In addition, there is a great amount of risk inherent while providing these services. The training increases one’s awareness and cognizance of the potential pitfalls and risks that could harm their business before they really even get started. As such, the insights & wisdom amassed during training will serve the newbie business owner very well at the onset and over the long-term.


My personal experience:
When I initially started performing this work, it was unequivocally clear and painfully obvious that if I wanted valid, trustworthy training that I’d need to find a professional training program. The existing business owners explicitly stated that they saw others as the competition.

At that juncture, I successfully completed MULTIPLE training/certification programs including Notary2Pro & NNA and many others. I have extensive experience in skill sets that require certification and recurrent evaluation tests; i.e., I’ve maintained my Project Management Professional [PMP] certification for more than 20 years. So, I understand what it usually entails and the elements that should be included within a comprehensive training program.

Regarding the NNA training specifically, it’s lacking across multiple topics & categories. Many NNA “graduates” choose to take additional training courses elsewhere, because they sense they’re insufficiently prepared. Their primer has errors throughout. Their hotline is less than reliable for accurate responses.

In my experience with undergoing the multiple training programs for certified notary signing agent [CNSA] certification, hands-down without question, Carol Ray’s Notary2Pro training programs are optimum in this industry. I’ve successfully completed ALL of the multiple training/certification programs that Carol offers through her company Notary2Pro. Her programs are thorough & detailed. These also prepare the business owner to operate a business. In addition, she offers Mentoring services. I found those to be excellent & INVALUABLE when I was initially starting out in this business sector. The prices are surprisingly reasonable. :white_check_mark:

I’ve professionally compared the training/certification programs available at Notary2Pro with the others I’ve successfully completed. The ONLY training/certification program I recommend is Notary2Pro.

A list of companies that hire Notary2Pro graduates (with minimal or no experience) is provided to successful course graduates. => This list is pure GOLD! Study up, refresh your notes, & let Carol know when your initial few signings are scheduled. She is a wonderful mentor & can be on standby in case you encounter difficulties or have questions during your first few signings. She’s the Best! Her support will help you Build your Confidence in providing this service. :trophy::white_check_mark:

In addition, Notary2Pro works diligently to keep this list up-to-date regarding vetting and viability. As we all know, some reliable clients can encounter financial difficulties and that, in turn, can negatively impact CNSAs directly.

Of course, your best bet would be to visit their website at https://www.notary2pro.com/ , research, and make the choices appropriate for your situation. The training programs by Carol Ray are comprehensive & thorough. :sparkles::tada::sunglasses:

P.S. I receive no compensation or remuneration of any type or kind as a result of my first-hand experiential review above.

P.P.S. As Carol has recently passed (February 2022) from our earthly plane, reach out to others on her team please. You’ll benefit greatly as a result.

Best Wishes :sparkles:

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Thank You! I know for my state Oklahoma you have to submit the platforms that you will use for RON. I initially planned to use Secured Signing since I can bring my own clients. But now that A few Signing Services has requested I sign up for RON for them , I had to get another approval through my state. I say that to say list as many platforms your state has approved the first time so you will not have to go back and spend more money to be approved for additional platforms. @VIPnotaryCO Thanks for additional research and information!

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Thank you for that. That is a great idea

I reached out to my sec of state and they have a limit of 5 companies that I can add to my certification…. Ugg now to sit and figure out my next steps who to add :weary:

MO: You really don’t need to work with all five providers. For example Nexsys, majority of national largest titles, lenders and signing companies are using Nexsys. So for me all I have to do is make sure I have an account with Nexsys and I just need to have all those other companies add me one by one. Just sayin.


Your still good! List the top 5 and keep going! Just like @VIPnotaryCO stated you don’t have to have them all at one time. Start with Nexsys and go from there. I think the bulk of the companies use Nexsys. Then again I’m still waiting to complete my first RON, but at least I’m trained and ready! Woot!


The closing Exchange uses them and offers training !

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Who do you use as a platform for RON’s that’s not to expensive?

All the links attached to this original post has all the information you need to know about each platform. Just click on each link to learn more about them and go from there. Good luck.

Hey guys, I’m onboard with 4 companies now to do RON for them on Nexsys. :dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer: I think I’m going to stick with just one RON provider for now and just keep adding one company at a time since the
top largest lenders, titles, and signing companies are only doing RON on Nexsys Clear Sign.

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I agree! I enjoy some of the notary tips and content on this site but the negativity I see expressed in the comments toward new notaries is sad. Instead of building each other up, it seems like there is enjoyment in tearing people down. I think it is time for me to sign off on this site. If you have experience, what is wrong with sharing your knowledge and expertise with others who just joined the notary community? We have to do better.


I asked you before, what state are you in?

I think I answered before look at my handle! CO

See my answer below each of your post! I replied using the wrong reply button that’s all:)

thank you so much. i just started researching RON and my head was spinning… your post is helpful to add to my research.

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