Why I haven’t received Signing yet

Why I can’t haven’t received my first GNW OR LSA
I’m Sharon , New to GNW & LSA
I became a Notary in December 2021, then a month later I became a Loan Signing Agent . -And have been excited ever since :tada:. I’ve taken this business by the horns and purchased all Required Materials, Portable Scanners. Brother Dual Tray Printer, back up Notary Stamps Notary Journal, Notary Marketing Vehicle Magnets, awaiting for the response from my local Chamber Of Commerce. Ordered 3-Sets of Business cards, joined NNA, American Notary Society, American Society of Notaries. I’ve created my Business Website (www.venetianinknotary.com)
Purchased my E&O Professional Business Coverage for
$100,000 purchased separately from NNA, one even purchase a Separate phone number that still rings to my phone- this way I’ll never miss a call, and ready to start doing General Notary Work & Loan Signing Agent. I just feel I have no direction as to who I would need to contact. I’ve submitted and receive approval from SNAPDOCS and a few others. Created my Google Business Page, but still no phone calls for General Notary or Loan Signing opportunities. Can anyone please please help me.

I must ask, (for the Veteran Notaries and the anew Notary Loan Signing Agents , my question is how do you all get your Signings??

Hope to hear from You’ll :woman_office_worker:t4:, thank you for visiting my page.


Cannot address your loan signings as I have been out of them for some time, but as to your general notary work

Have you approached local banks? Nursing homes? Hospitals? Rehab facilities? Schools? Home health agencies? Attorneys? All with a fistful of business cards to leave with the appropriate people.

Don’t forget to get an EIN from irs.gov and never ever give your personal social security number to anyone

BTW…where are you located?

Getting started and getting up and running is an endless stream of marketing, marketing and the marketing again…keeping your name out in front of prospective clients.


@Sunpeaches11 Based on your website, you’re located in FL.

If you’re seeking the unadulterated truth in a response to your query, then please read onward.

If, on the other hand, you’re seeking sugar-coated, misleading, & prevaricating statements, then by all means, please SKIP the remainder of this Reply . . .


STEP 1: There’s a paradigm shift that needs to occur when one charts their course to become a Business Owner by moving away from being an employee. If you’re CERTAIN that you’re ready & have got what it takes to chart your own course and be an independent contractor & business owner, then please read the following Steps.

STEP 2: One of the initial steps to take would be to research your region to determine the viability of and the need for the services one intends to provide via the business they desire to launch.

There is a Tab on the Navigation Ribbon at the top of this page that is titled “Find A Notary.”

You will serve yourself well (and tangentially will probably answer the query you posed above) by researching the region you’re hoping to serve. More than likely, you’ll discover (like so many others before you have done) that your region is already saturated with experienced, highly skilled, and professional signing agents/notaries public.

STEP 3: You’ll benefit greatly by digging in the gold mine immediately available to you. The gold mine is found within the Search function, also on the Navigation Ribbon at the top of this page => see image below to locate the Magnifying Glass. By utilizing the Search function, you’ll gather sagacious information and answers to many questions as well as learn vicariously (instead of making all the mistakes & missteps the others have made that traveled the same path before you traveled it).

STEP 4: This business is NOT a “If You Build It, They Will Come” type of enterprise . . . It requires dedication, research, professionalism, intense detail-oriented demeanor, regular & repeated marketing activities & expenditures, relationship building, and the ability to read a situation to determine the optimum course of action.

Here is a direct Notary Cafe url that is from March of 2022 that will give you concise insights. The summation in @Bobby-CA words is: “Today, the cupboard is bare. The refi boom is largely over and economic conditions in the U.S. are lousy and getting worse. I’m sorry to have to say so. Don’t wait around, get out

STEP 5: Temper your expectations. You’ll also benefit greatly by reading this direct Notary Cafe url thread: Temper your expectations

STEP 6: Perform in-depth research to determine IF the business you’re hoping to launch will provide you with any PROFIT after the deduction of all expenses. For more information on a possible path to follow for this research, please review this direct Notary Cafe url thread:

Here’s another insightful thread. It’s by @CherylM : My Property Inspection Experience - #5 by CherylM

And, one more for you that’s also by @CherylM : SS frustration and miscommunication - #23 by CherylM

STEP 7: Now if you’re still with me at this point, there are a few things that will be of further assistance to you that are found within this direct Notary Cafe url about training & certification as well as the lackluster fulfillment of some of those $100K promises that are regularly advertised:



Want to add a recommendation here - not marketing related but something you need to do from a business perspective

First - develop a business plan - so you know what you income MUST be to sustain both your business AND your personal income requirements - you’re not an employee any more - you’re on your own as far as income is concerned.

But main point with this additional post was - check with your county as to their requirement that you have a business license. In my county, Columbia County, if I am running a business as a notary public (which I am) I am required to carry a business license. It’s $30/year up here.

Had this afterthought and wanted to get it in here. Good luck


What are the signing services that you have signed up with and what state are you in? Have you taken any training courses? What made you decide to jump head first into this business?


(KY) Some food for thought here:
Per your website, you are in FL, which is “overall” saturated with notaries.
You are a Brand New notary who came in at the worst time to do real estate transactions.
But there is a plus to all of this. Use your GNW to get yourself established, and in your down time, research and learn on the real estate side of the house, because it will come back (eventually).
Keep fluent with your states laws (especially while you grow through your GNW). Learn them and live by them FIRST! Then focus on the NSA side of the house.
Market yourself in between (your website is gorgeous!) Short, sweet and to the point! You don’t want to flood your website with terms and conditions, as we “mostly” live by the clients T&C’s in real estate, especially when it comes to fees.
Focus on getting your investments paid off first, as it appears you went “all in,” which shows passion to me.
Stay on here and other forums to get your answers and concerns addressed. Very tight-knit group here who all share the same passion, as well as having YEARS of knowledge, experience, education and skills, in general and state specific.
The fact you came in from the start with $100k in E&O will show results sooner rather than later.
Look into getting RON certified (looks like the new normal)!
And don’t forget to use the search feature @cNsa5 posted to find clients to market yourself too.
Hope this helps!



Amen and can I get a hallelujah


One of the biggest Title Companies in the U.S. recently stated that they had between 7 to 8 times more notaries in every zip code than their volume of business requires.
And interest rates are higher than they’ve been in 20 years with 2 more increases coming this year. There is very little business to be had most everywhere.


It feels like 1 notary in every 3 people in my areas of coverage.

Lol…. I know you get tired of repeating yourself.


Thank you for reaching out to me in response to the Building my Business. This has been great feedback from you all. I appreciate you. Yes
I have received my EIN #, :white_check_mark:

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Is ‘Building my Business’ all you got out of this thread? If so, pay some attention to the posts that answered your original question: Why I haven’t received Signing yet

In 2 words: What signings? Stop beating a dead horse, save your money and find a Plan B (right now, all that’s available is GNW – carve that niche well as ‘signings’ isn’t where it’s at)


I was trying to assist you buy asking those questions. I know that when it comes to getting assignments opportunities can vary by area and the SS you have signed up with. It baffles me when i hear that you have been in this businesses for now over 6 months and you have not gotten any assignments.

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Hi there- I really wish you’d have come here before you invested so much time and money…I’ve been posting since December, that if you are doing this as primary income: FIND A “REAL JOB”. Unfortunately, you missed the notary train by 2 1/2 years…the business is gone once again…this is how the real estate industry rolls.

While I won’t bore anyone (yet again) with my background I wanted to share my very recent experience:

I was very successful for about 2.5 years, and had more signings than I could possibly do and very little effort made to get them because it was sooooo busy!! But rates went up and title companies reopened to the public. This means refi’s are gone, and resale is being handled by the escrow officer once again (they get paid to do them and all of them are notary publics). I conto ue to do them on the side after getting a “real job” and was still bringing in over $1k a month. I have left that job and start a new one on July 18. While waiting for my background check, on boarding process, etc. I decided to do signings full time again…but it’s just not there anymore.

Even as a seasoned NSA with years of experience as an escrow officer (which meant a ton of contacts) I’m only getting about 8-10 a week and most are HELOCs at $75 each. This is not a good time for you as a newbie and I’m very sorry you got roped in. Please, do not think of this as a new career right now. Get another job and do this on the side…PLEASE.

If you want to know more, search for me on these threads…I’ve explained in detail several times all of the reasons why this business is GONE and will remain so for several years.

I do not mean to be negative or discouraging, I’m being real and hope so much you’ll heed my advice/warning…I really do!!

Best to you-


@Sunpeaches11 :sweat_drops::sparkles:

Through and though . . . this is direct Veracity. Also, ensure that your quarterly Federal & State income taxes are included in your expenditure estimates.

Through and though . . . this is direct Veracity.

Through and though . . . this is direct Veracity.

Through and though . . . this is direct Veracity.

Through and though . . . this is direct Veracity.

Through and though . . . this is direct Veracity.

Through and though . . . this is direct Veracity.

Through and though . . . this is direct Veracity.

This wisdom given upon asking is shared in an effort to assist you & guide you in the best direction for your future success. There are a few who will disingenuously encourage; however, one must always consider that there may be perverse incentives at-work or some unforeseen ulterior motives; i.e., they may be owners of SSs, etc. with a concern about their own wellbeing . . . not the wellbeing of others.


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Or those few who encourage you are just trying not to be Negative Nellies


You are not negative or discouraging at all , you just stating the real situation on this season in this kind of business, maybe Sunpeaches11 needs to read other posts from other Notaries still making from $1200.00 to the infinite doing signings difficult to believe, so she can feel at least at ease, but the real thing is the market is down and everyone is struggling to survive depending on LSA work, we’ll see…
Positive memes does not encourage anybody, we are not that naive…


EXACTLY!! You nailed it…:blush:.


(CA) Thought I’d drop by with a few thoughts. . .

50 years ago, Paul Simon of Simon & Garfunkel (remember them?) penned this lyric in a song called El Condor Pasa: “I’d rather be a hammer than a nail, oh yes I would, I surely would.” I think of this line often as I read the sad lament of so many notaries who can’t seem to find the endless and lucrative work they heard about, lo, these past two years. Seems too many notaries feel like a “nail”. Sad, really.
Wanna NOT feel like a nail? Here are some things to think about (right out of my own workshop on business improvement):

Answer (on your own pad of paper)
What is it that you do that you’re the absolute best at?
Consider that:
You offer a product / service you didn’t invent. . .
You use a formula you didn’t invent. . .
You use a delivery method you didn’t invent. . .
Have you truly branded your concept?
Have you identified and/or isolated a market segment?
What do you do that creates a unique user experience?
Why would an investor put serious money into your business?
Do you fully understand your business’s raison d’etre? (look it up)
Do you want to go to the health club, the hospital or the morgue?

That should at least get you started.

Sadly, the title of this forum discussion is “Why haven’t I Received a Signing Yet?” Did the author of that title really pose that question expecting an answer? Whaa, whaa, whaa. That’s a question from a “nail.”

My advice for those who have the courage to admit that they are not having much success as a notary is this: Concisely post your query fronted by what you have done that hasn’t worked; what you’re thinking of doing next; and, what you want the outcome to look like. Be specific. Be thoughtful and creative. After all, that’s what you’re expecting in return from the wise sages who are kind enough to respond to you. In other words, make your time on this site worthwhile, not only for yourself, but to others as well who will learn from your mistakes, misfires, etc. Makes it a richer experience for the responders as well.

Y’know, I opened this rant with some clever, yet salient, Paul Simon lyrics. I’ll close with an anonymous quote I’ve used for years: “You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken s**t no matter how much mayonnaise you put in it.”

If that quote resonates with you, you’re starting to get it; if not, just keep asking why you’re not getting any signings.


Concur :100: percent! Thank You @Bobby-CA

Also, you’re NOT presenting “gloom & doom” (as some have expressed in other posts on other threads). You’re calling it just like you see it from an objective, realistic observer standpoint. The situation that WE ALL face presently in our wonderful USA is overwhelming, precarious, and fraught with trepidation . . .

History has CLEARLY demonstrated what happens when trust is lost in society. Being directly honest reinforces the trust placed in each of us.

As I concurred earlier today on a different thread posted by @notarybyangela16 : "it’s fair and ethical to be real with them. And this is what most of us are doing: BEING REAL."

Again, it’s certainly not “gloom & doom.”

If someone is basing future financial decisions upon the data, input, insights, & wisdom that we impart, it needs to be moral, forthright, expressed with candor, and last (but not least) NOT sugar-coated, dishonest, or misleading.

As a 3-time cancer survivor/thriver, my plan has always been (and continues to be):
Plan for the Worst, and Hope for the Best!


Being a Realist enables you to effectively combat all that confronts you.