SS frustration and miscommunication

Thank you for the sage advice and perspective! :pray:

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Thank you for the laugh

Thank you for relating, I do feel better after venting, and hearing the stories others have shared here.

Let it Go because nothing got signed, so its a no-win situation for everyone involved. Last, now may or may not be the time to reevaluate your working relationship with the SS.

They will use COVID as an excuse. In my opinion, it’s just a common cold we’ve all had since the 1960s. The cold can get worse into bronchitis and pneumonia that has always caused elderly deaths.

The medical profession has phased out the common cold. No one has a simple cold anymore, they’ve converted it into a weaponized virus for profit and to harm the economy for a world government dominance.

People used to stay home with colds for a few days. It was part of daily life. We all lived with the common cold that’s been merged into the pandemic numbers. When they declare COVID as a means to reduce our fees I stay my ground. The wealthy want all the money and will play the victim about our fees then go home to their $3 million mansions I witnessed a few weeks ago.

Don’t back down because they aren’t hurting at all. Don’t let them play the victim short changing you.


Always turn down $75. Let them get what they pay for, a good NSA would never accept such a cheap fee. I made a mistake accepting $85 a few weeks ago only to find it was a $5 million property seller package!

These agencies are gouging notaries all over the nation. They commonly paid $100 11 years ago for a purchase or refi. There’s since been $25 inflation and cost of living adjustments they don’t want to acknowledge.

On the other hand, DigiCert type of signings pay $75 and consist of 2pages to print out with one notarization. Scan back only. They are offered by some agencies that say you can do this on your schedule, no rush. Keep your eye out for them.

The low ball agencies are really taking advantage anyway they can of getting our fees lower for no just cause. It’s just plain greed in the industry. Buyers have been bidding way over purchase price and the money thrown around there needs to trickle down to us as well. Agencies need to be thoroughly vetted before working for them. Any low ballers need to be denied instantaneously that usually have a history of late payment schedules.

Finally, I would get a back up remote job to support your down times so you won’t feel desperation to work below your fee. With the rising interest rates refi signings will be thinning out. Purchases will also go down due to lack of housing inventories.

NSA work is a part time job being reduced to desperate retirees wanting extra cash who will take anything offered. Be aware where the industry is headed and get a backup remote job.

New homes built are being affected slowed down by high cost of lumber. Get the facts before proceeding. NSA work was once a goldmine prior to the 2008 collapse. Not so much in 2022.


I’m sorry this didn’t work out for you. It’s not very kind of them to not reply to you and just re-assign the order to someone else, but there are two things at play here. First, they are a SS and as such they have a contract with the client that provided the order to fill it at x-dollars. That being said, there are times that they can contact their client and ask for a bump on the fee, but they don’t want to do that very often if at all because now they are not providing great service to their client. Second, they are too busy to mess around with it if they know your area is saturated with other notaries that are willing to take the job…and heck, might even be closer to the signing location than you are. So they simply don’t have the time to put into the problem and will seek out the quickest resolution. Don’t take it too hard. Lesson learned here is not to try and negotiate unless you have done plenty of work for this SS in the past and they know that you absolutely can deliver. And, remember to always act in integrity…you took the order, you should follow through with the fee agreement and just get better at knowing your time constraints and the general location when you accept an order. We win some and then we lose some That’s all part of being a business owner.

ROFLMAO!!! What’s food??? I don’t think I’ve seen any since I started this career!!!

With the new year, I have been responding to most SS inquiries with this statement “I am available and would love to assist, however, with the rising cost of everything I now find it necessary to request a fee of (X dollars) for a signing of this type. I’m sure you understand.” As a result, my loan signings have diminished but my general notary and other service works are amping up so it’s a trade-off.

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yeah especially since restaurants and fast food joints have issues keeping employees so it’s a long wait for your food

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Do you think it’s important to have a website for general notary work? I’m trying to figure out how to get more GNW

I always take off my shoes outside if I see that the people leave their shoes outside and have socks on inside. I don’t wear shoes in my house so I just figure some people feel the same. My dress shoes are all slip on so it’s not a big deal. Generally for me, the people who don’t wear shoes in their houses usually have super clean floors. Hopefully I won’t run into a situation where I encounter something squishy! LOL

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Once in awhile you just have to let things go - Title can always find another agent

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Holy cr*p! That’s crazy!

You’re not “wrong” to be frustrated! Feelings are feelings, they’re not right nor wrong. I think the whole thing boiled down to communication or, rather, miscommunication. Weird stuff happens. Just shrug and move forward to the next one.

Thank you for your input, though I feel the need to clarify that I did not initially take the order. When it was first offered my first reply was a counter. After I countered, the order was offered again to me, at which point I accepted (I am definitely in the wrong at this point for assuming the countered fee was agreed to by the SS). Lesson learned on that front for sure.
I understand they have plenty of options, and wasn’t upset at losing out on the assignment so much as I was just confused by the entire interaction. I appreciate your words on integrity, however I have no problems following through when and where I commit.

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I’m not so sure you were mistaken about accepting the 2nd time. I’ve seen similar ‘errors’ when the confirmation is actually sent. Not sure it’s there fault either as sometimes these ‘repeat’ offers are coming in so fast it’s like they’re riding in piggyback. (AKA ‘Why I dislike platforms’.)

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I wonder why you left the name off of the SS? Notaries don’t want to work with companies that treat Notaries like this one did.

Well stated. It annoys me when I hear that we are treated so poorly. We have a complicated job to say the least!

I’ve been offered a couple of $50 signings lately, even a $40 and $35 offering. Supposedly “easy”, as it was only around 40 pages.

I paid my “tuition” on that early on, when I took a $50/40 page signing…then got a call from the signing service that one of the notarized pages had an error, after I had already shipped the docs at FedEx. I paid $38.50 from my own pocket to overnight the fixed page. Ouch!