Looking for Direction

I am new to being a notary I’m from Greenville S.C. I seen serval courses about being a notary signing agent I’m not sure where to start or begin with the courses and what’s a good legit course to start taking

Mark Wills (Loan Signing System) was recommended to me when I started seven months ago. That has turned out to be an excellent investment of time and money for me. It was good advice so I am passing it on. He also has a lot of free content out there. Check that out first and see if you like it.

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Thanks paul i will definitely look him up

You are welcome, Zenia. Good Luck!!!

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Whoa… be aware that South Carolina is an attorney-only state, so loan signings are severely limited in an already declining market; also with declining fees as there are 8 times the notaries needed for the little work available. You need to do a lot more research on the reality of this field right now compared to the youtube hype. The direction you seek is ‘something else’.


Thank you Arichter for that info. Bet that little tidbit is not included in Mr Wills’ course

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I’ll take that bet, Linda!


Before sinking any additional hard-earned funds into this type of business within a declining business sector, you truly owe it to yourself to perform some NEEDED due diligence . . .

I concur with the insights of @Arichter & @LindaH-FL in that regard as well. It’s advisable to be a REALIST and take off any tinged-colored glasses before proceeding further.

You could simply review the thread titles within the Notary Cafe Forum Database and receive an unadulterated response to your query.

In addition, you’ll best be served by performing a Search of the GOLDMINE found within the Notary Cafe Forum Database that is available for easy access for NO FEE by locating the ever-elusive, nearly invisible Magnifying Glass (see image below).

Also, there are 2 recent posts by CherylM that leave the sugar-coating behind & Tells-It-Like-It-Is . . .

This thread is also truly an eye-opener:

Truly, anyone entering this business sector needs to change their mindset from that of an employee to that of a Business Owner. It’s a completely different paradigm and is managed differently as well.

As a business owner, from the onset, you’re going to be pretty much flying solo; that is, unless you have a family member that is within this business sector. There are no Manuals of Desk Instructions [MDIs] as one may find as an employee nor any more experienced fellow employees there to train you.

The standards of practice are to be found by being curious and seeking training & certifications on your own as a professional business owner who strives to provide professional services to your clients.

Best Wishes with your decision. :sparkles:

P.S. I go into more detail about selecting a professional, reliable, honest, & reasonable Training Program within the following thread:

NOTE: There are NO misleading “You can make a 6-figure income as an NSA” ads, promises, or inferences within that thread.

Looking for insights or a template of how to calculate the costs of providing these services? Here is a thread that should provide you with assistance:

Remember that launching a business as a Signing Agent isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon!



Call the National Notary Association. They will answer all your questions.