America Notary Pro

i has been been good working with them.

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thank you for the help.

@Arichter Hello, I just sent an email on your site through the link you posted. Are you currently hiring notaries? Thank you

BEWARE!! if you decide to do business with this company, beware. First, when I was doing my 2020 taxes this year, I realized I had not been paid for any of the assignments I completed for this company(my mistake, bad bookkeeping) in 2020. I contacted them via email and they did send the check quickly. However, the latest issue was not being paid the amount specified of $100 in my confirmation email for a seller closing received on April 21. 2021. I received a check for $75 May 14, 2021. I sent an email July 8, 2021 (doing booking) in regards to the difference in the amounts. I then received a call within 30 minutes from the owner.

She said “We only pay $75 for seller closing, the person in the office who called me, then sent the email confirmation made a mistake”. " We should not have offered $75 when the assignment was 2 miles from my house"

I replied " I have requested additional money in the past". The owner then said “well we do not work with notaries that set their own fees”.

I then tried to explain that I am not saying I set my own fees, but if I am called and an offer is made, I can request additional **** which was not the case in this current situation*** I was called, asked if I was available, I asked the fee they are offering, the lady stated $100.00 and I accepted. I received an email confirmation for the $100.

The owner stated “we do not pay $100 for a seller, the office personnel made a mistake, we are human. I will send you the $25 and remove you from being called again. There are so many notaries in Houston, we have several who do 30 closings per month for us. They accept $65 for Seller and $85 for Refinance, they make it up in quantity”. ***I have never done any assignments for this company that paid less than $100, the first assignment I did for them in 2019 was a refinance for $200

My response “All I am trying to say is, I did the job for $100, no one called to tell me there was a mistake made, you just sent me a check(after I sent a payment reminder notice 30 days after the assignment closed). If I made a mistake, you would expect me to correct on my dime, or as stated in there email ******** FAILURE TO DO THIS COULD RESULT IN REDUCED FEES *********”

The owner said " it depends on the mistake, You are right, I will send you the $25 and remove you from our call list"


This is what happens when new notaries accept low ball fees.

I have 3 emails for the last 3 months, where they offered $100 for a refinance, then 2-3 days later I was removed from the assignment…this was the response in the cancelled email I received from America’s Notary Pro

***Due to extenuating circumstances, I must cancel the signing request mentioned below. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you or your borrower.

No signature, No other information in the email…only as copied from above

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@zennahraine please remove your post showing your confirmation - you have posted personal borrower information.

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Eeeek. It’s a breach of confidentiality. Hopefully gets removed.

I saw someone post full borrowers name on a signing document on Instagram. It’s illegal to do so.

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I love working for Americas notary pro! So good to me!

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I like seeing notaries sharing this kind of feedback.

Thanks Me too! :grinning:I like only good vibes too!

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