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So, I have made a rooking mistake with a Quicken Loan signing for Amrock. I did not print the witnesses’ name underneath their signatures on the mortgage. I knew better, I just missed it. I have been assigned a defect which I had no choice but to accept as it was truly correct. The potential orders I was receiving dropped off to zero. I called Amrock and was told that my score dropped to a 95 and it would result in a decrease of potential orders seen. Anyone have any idea how long I will be black balled. They are a fantastic company to work for and I am kicking myself. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

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Hi Drew,

Generally a mistake like that will count as a Quality error. So it will effect your score for 30 days. When you log into the Amrock website you should be able to go to the “Score” link on the top right hand side and it will give you a list of four categories that make up your score. I do closings for them in Chicago, and even if our score goes down to 99%, the work flow comes to a screeching halt until it comes back to 100%.

hope this helps



Hi Simon,

Thank you for your response, and I find the information insightful and encouraging. I was concerned with how to raise my score while not getting many opportunities. I was able to see my score and you are correct, I am at a 98% in the quality column. Still kicking myself, but but I have to agree with Amrock, I made a mistake and a temporary loss of work is fair. The interesting thing is after posting this thread, I received a call from Amrock for a loan mod. It did not come through the app, so I’m guessing I was their last resort. I happily accepted it as a chance to get back on track. Thank you again for taking the time to give me some education and a glimmer of hope. Happy Signing!



Yeah. They call sometimes due to a rush or if they are handling the signing through a special department. The only time I see a heloc is if it is with a refi doc. That’s probably why they called. because it’s not part of their mainstream process.

The way their app work is in multiple tiers.

Tier 1- Only one notary gets a notification (10 min)
Tier 2 - Several more notaries get notifications if no response from tier 1 (10 min)
Tier 3 - wide zone
Tier 4 - everyone in the vicinity

If there are several notaries in the same area and they are more or less in the same location with the same fee and score, I believe it goes to the notary who’s name first alphabetically. But I have not received confirmation on that.

what this means, is that if you live in an area with a few notaries around who work with Amrock, anything short of 100% will not get you any steady work. You could also probably call Partner Management when you are like 3 weeks into your stint and make a plea. sometimes they will reset the score back early. Good Luck!



Thank you so very much for this information. You’ve gone over the top and I now have a much better understanding of their process. I’m about one week in, so I’ll give it another week or two and begin the pleading. I appreciate the quick, knowledgeable responses. Thank you so very much. Happy Thursday!

And I think they remove orders assigned also when you are dinged.

Actually, I had two orders in the que and they allowed me to complete them. My error, was relatively minor, so I’m not sure that’s the case every time.

Great info! I really like working with them and going to be even more careful now.


Good to know

I also just found out that they will ding you automatically if your have not reported a closing as complete within 30 minutes.

I just found that one out , it didnt matter if I had to call the closing team 2 times and the mortgage agent

and it is the notary’s responsibility to make amrock aware and ask for it to be removed ;(

Good information in this thread. At least you have a leg to stand on and should be able to have the defect removed. What I’m learning here is that they are very stringent and that they feel the best way to get perfect packages is to hit the signing agents in the wallet. All in all, I have no issue with that. Honestly, Amrock packages are some of the easiest I’ve encountered and I’ve never been given a package without plenty of time involved. Thanks for sharing ladies and gentlemen! I do appreciate the insight.

It is on there for 90 days

Good Luck… your battle has only started

WRF, are you trying to say it’s going to be a constant thing? All feedback is greatly appreciated. Going into my mistake, I’ve found them to be pretty solid all the way around. Wishing I would’ve caught my error.

Oh boy then Ive probably really upset them! Reading all this valuable information about them explains why my orders have gone down. While I agree w all the great things about Amrock, I will also say there have been more than a handful of files that had errors on their part and I brought it to their attention to fix prior to the closing. Just meaning that while I do ‘get’ the necessity for perfection, I guess I question there being a margin of error on both ends?
None the less, I’m not in the drivers seat so I guess Ill take my lumps and comply for my period of penance.
Ive had 2 defects and challenged them both. Looking back, I’m guessing the best way to have handled that was to accept and fix even though I was confident the forms they said were missing were in fact included in the executed package? Any more tips?

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:fearful: Wow that is crazy! I wish you were wrong lol.

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I have been with them for 7 years and it is the one company that i really check every detail I do not want to be without work for 90 days, they are my main company, It happened to me once. It doesn’t matter how good we are or help them to catch mistakes, I know it’s a bummer!! Just make sure when you get work from them check it 3 times!!!


In my case, I was definitely in the wrong…So I accepted my defect and moved on. Before I even really understood how it would affect me. It wouldn’t have changed whether or not I accepted it or not as I’m an own my crap kind of guy, but looking back, I wish I would’ve double checked that the witnesses names were printed underneath their signatures. It has proven to be an expensive error.

Hi, I do closing for Title Source/Amrock now, for some years, and yes you need to be very careful,completing documents in the right way, but not only this will low your score, including you need to be very careful doing and completing task thru app. It happened to me one time that I completed task of’ ‘signing done’ ten minutes after time and my score lower, I was upset and complain about it, was a rainy day, and I was in a hurry to drop original docs, on time. They are very strict about completing task at app. for me is more important borrower are happy and please with our work and that all documents are done in the correct way than click a tab at app. but it is what it is.


Do we really want to live in fear and on the edge like this ?> Biting our fingernails , wondering if we will get work or not? Sigh !! More micromanagement. Just don’t beat yourself over these. The loan got consummated.


Good advice. Despite a good record with Title Source for nine years, I’m now in the Amrock defect pokey for 90 days, busting rocks with my bare hands to toughen them up. You are right on the mark. Amrock offers low ball fees and they want perfect signings from the notary. That’s the deal. I will absolutely check all signed docs again before leaving the table moving forward, and check them again. And I will absolutely make sure UPS doesn’t mix up the mailing label on my package with another package, and send my package off to Germany vs. back east U.S. where it was supposed to go. That mix up guaranteed me a trip to the Amrock slammer.

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