Amrock sample fees

I am thinking of signing with Amrock, can you share experience what is the fees for example : Refinance, Home Equity, Modifications, Sellers only, Buyers only etc ?

I appreciate your input and experience, thank you in advance.

Whatever you put in the form is their way or no way… as simple as that. I have learned to negotiate with them when they call. They already have their own standard fees.

I have an application with their fees. When you see it, make sure you’re not eating because you’re going to choke! Disgraceful!!! I’ll email it to you.


I finally found the application, but the fee page is confidential, which means that I can’t share it. What I can say is that it does leave blanks next to each of its ridiculously lower than the lowest lowballer fees for you to fill in your own price. The highest fee on there is 100 for a reverse mortgage!

That’s true! Base fee $65, printing $20, on refinances alone

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thank you all for your suggestions, I quoted my price, lets see if they approve or not.

Which is EXACTLY the fee structure proposed and promoted by the NNA up until about 10 years ago when they got in trouble with the Department of Justice for possible price-fixing. They have since removed this fee “suggestion” from their website.

So, yeah, these numbers have been floated around for over 10 years…they were bad then and they’re worse now.


Does it mean that Amrock is wrong with their fee structure???.. same as other SS!?

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Good luck with that!.. I did the same and they barely call me. At first I accepted their fees, suggested by another NSA from one the forums, just to get in business with them, then later I increased my fees, to be more fair. The trick is when they call you, then you can negotiate with them. If you accept their offers from their application they won’t, and even ask you why you accepted in the first place.


It means I hope they’re not telling notaries that’s what they should charge - THAT would be price fixing.

And IMO…YES! They are dead wrong to think any self-respecting professional notary would/SHOULD accept those disgusting fees.



Yes Linda! They are that’s their base fee, and even tell you that if you don’t accept their “fees” it would reduce your chances of being called for assignments. I only accept their assignments when they call me, if not I won’t play their game by accepting $85, $91 maximum; which is for my counties. I explained to them that even my own county has cities and towns over 1 hour drive and that I can’t accept their offers by their “counties standard”. Their reverse mortgage I believe is the highest, $110 :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Once again…fees (or lack of decent ones) are area-notary-saturated driven. You can choose whether to be busy, but broke or only accept the jobs that provide a profit. Work smarter, not harder.


Hi again ~ so agree with your comments. I made 2020 to make or break and work smarter not harder. Have doubled my income for year and take less signings. I have my fee list by zip code regardless of what comes my way. If people continue to take low ball fees it effects going rates. I know Notary Contractors also need to make an income but title and escrow will recognize fees should be increased in a fair market manner. Stop with accepting low ball fees NOW! Hang in there and you will be glad you did. Happy Holidays!!


I’d like to make a sorta off-topic observation: Granted, I’m in a low-saturation area, but, when they can’t find anyone for a signing, often the fee offered rises dramatically. Double, triple their ‘normal’ offers.
My point is: they can pay considerably more than they start out with, but won’t unless they have to.
Our job is to make them have to by turning down the chump change offers.


I concord with you @Arichter
I like to work wise, not to get tired, to work for profit, not for free.


Last night, Dec. 23rd, a signing service called me for an assignment 45 minutes away from home, and they needed a NSA ASAP, it was 5 PM and they wanted someone for 7 PM, I asked them $200 plus $25 for scanback, they wanted the scanback for free or $10… I just agreed and while I waited for the confirmation the lady called me saying that her partner found someone and decided to cancel me. Fine… I said to myself “better for me I just finish my Christmas preparation”. To make it short story short an hour or so later the lady called me again, and we both laughed when she said “Hi Fatima, is me Christine again…” The other person canceled them, and she asked me “just tell me any fee please…” I said I couldn’t because I decided to watch for my husband who came home sick from work (it’s true)… she begged me to do it, I just declined. If interested I could do it for next day (today) at noon. Never heard from them.
The ironic of the situation is that.I was free all afternoon and during the day this signing service sent various messages requesting someone for that assignment, offering $90 or so… they got trapped in their own game.
Sorry for the long story! I just had to let it out… LOL


Here is my fee sheet… I get every bit too.


Do you get what you put in the fee schedule?.. just curious

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Yes, I receive this fee all the time.


Thank you for your answer :blush:
I asked because I complained to them and readjusted my fees more fairly, and all they said is “that’s what we pay in your area…” I barely do any business with them lately, because of that. I will try one more time, if they won’t accept then I’ll have to let them go :woman_shrugging:t2:
I like to do signings for them because they’re a very well put and organized company.
If you don’t mine, in what state are you in?.. I’m based in New Jersey.

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