Amrock super slow

Do you guys know why amrock is so super slow lately?

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NOTE: As in any business sector, there are peaks and valleys or ebbs and flows of client volume.

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I was wondering the same-went from nonstop notifications to complete silence over the past month or so.

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Honestly, every service I’m signed with has gone almost completely mute in the past 3 weeks… Even general notaries aren’t calling. This is depressing lol.

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tell me about it lol

I’m going to try to diversify big time this month to stay afloat

They must have did a revamp or something. They used to be my biggest vendor, now they don’t want to pay or give you an order for an agreed upon price just to pay you what the original offer was, therefore I am having to go chase money.
I have since asked to be removed from their company after over 10 years of service with them due to paying low. Other companies gets their orders just to pay my original asking price. With our gas being over $3/a gallon they expect you to go out for $65-85 a trip and some are over an hour one way.
They advised me that they had to crack down on the larger fees, so it is just them wanting to pad their pocketbooks & paying us pennies.

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