Signings slower

What is the signing status wherever you are, here in East TN and western NC it has really slowed down!! I’m frantically looking for work😧

@oshmalosh1 Yes, slow in the majority of the regions within the US.

I’ve performed a quick Search using the Magnifying Glass for you. The results revealed (some recent & some not so recent) there are many threads present on this topic within the Notary Cafe Database. Within these threads there is helpful information to be gleaned - regardless of the date of the post. The direct url links are as follows:

Here is an additional Notary Cafe thread that is a page filled with threads on this topic:


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With rising interest rates the Refi market has gone to sleep. New home purchases have also slowed for the same reason. Take a careful look at the Real Estate industry in your area. Analyze the conditions and whether or not this is economic or something else is afoot. I suspect what we’re seeing is more economic.

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