Slowing down?

Is it actually slowing down or it’s only me?

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Hi @starsserius and welcome to the community! Is has definitely slowed down here in Arkansas, but have faith and I’m sure we will all start to see more and more signings become available. Don’t give up just yet! :blush:

Almost down to 25% the volume of offers. Title companies took advantage of the “huge” amounts of SAs and stated lowering their fees.

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Thanks to all who made millions flooding the market.

Interest rates go UP, sales, refi’s go DOWN. That’s the nature of the beast!

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Goodbye CO Hello UT, Competition is fierce here in northern UT, every time a signing appears in your screen is taken in a fraction of a minute, it does not matter if it is a $40.00 lowball or a $ 175.00 Refi, New and Seasoned Notaries are in a shark frenzy, business does not look good up here.
I made some contacts with some SS and Title companies and agree to do the $ 150.00 signings @ 125.00 minimum w/scanbacks, better than nothing, SS and Title companies are hurting too…