Slow on signings?

Is anyone else experiencing business being super slow? I’m a notary signing agent in CA for SD county, and it has been extremely slow for me. As in only 2 or 3 signings a week lately. Also, if anyone knows of jobs notaries can do during these slow times, I’d greatly appreciate the info.


@dschu07 => Yes, it’s slowed across the nation; although, typically the pace through December, January, & February is slower than normal.

Currently, there are myriad variables that enter into the equation of the volume of loan signings. Or, should I say the lack thereof?


Several years ago, I was at this same juncture (s l o w). I purchased “Marketing Your Non-Loan Notary Services” by Laura Vestanen. It’s available on Amazon for less than $25 => Marketing Your Non-Loan Notary Services: Vestanen, Laura: 9780984667703: Books

I found it to be very helpful, insightful, and truly helped me brainstorm my way to greater success. It’s much easier to surf the peaks and valleys of business cycles if there are multiple income streams (diversify your services across varied business sectors). :sparkles:

Also, here is a thread that you may find helpful:


Try these: I tried out with OneSource a while back before they closed but I quitted after one week when I saw they only pay $18 per assignment and the distance can be as far as 25 miles! But I think these companies may pay more!

Are you a RON notary? I was told today by the industry expert that RON is here to stay! And that they are seeing increase in RON closings and that it’s going to keep us very busy pretty soon here. I also noticed that I got more RON this week. :thinking::+1::pray:

This is why I love RON: Most of my closings were RON today so for the last 3 I wanted to be comfortable and wore my sports jacket and put on my scarf of the day with my slippers and sweat pants!:slight_smile: Why not, they can’t see below the desk as long as I don’t get up:) :joy:

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Yes I’m in Arizona and it been super slow this week.

Yikes, I need to slow down with giving back orders. I gave back two orders this week worth $529. No regrets because I helped other notaries increased their volume.

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please let me know what title company is $265 per order. Is it local or national?

Most title companies aren’t even charging the borrower that fee for the service. From another successful notary, something ain’t adding up. Unless you are trying to speak things into existence.


True, I have seen notary fee listed $85 for a purchase on CD that I did and I got paid $250 for that one. And I thought it was interesting, they took a loss on that one? Didn’t make sense to me but my fee is my fee. They can say yes or no. I negotiate on everything::slight_smile: Are you a six figure notary?

Let’s not deflect. Let’s stick to the facts. What company is paying you a $265 order?

I work under every national title company and have many local title contacts. I do very well and I know the business very well. Yes, I grossed well over 6 figures last year.


If you were nice I probably would share with you but I don’t think so. Also I got paid as high as $400 for a quick 15 minutes Hybrid.

Here we go again………

Yes, the most I’ve on an order is $300 but that was last minute and 50-minute drive at 7:30 pm at night. It was given through signing order 3 years ago. It does happen but my thesis is that no one is going to consistently pay you that especially when you have competition and other notaries are willing to do it cheaper. The ultimate goal of any business is the lower expenses and make a profit.


Try keeping green aventurine stone on your desk:)
I honestly think that people should remember that nobody is making up stories of the fees they got or how much they make on here. I think people do that to inspire others to not give up and keep going. This is the best job in the world in my opinion.

Hell no. Who do you think you are? If you don’t believe me that’s your business, not mine. That’s too bad……sad….
This is very offensive.

I’m going to stop talking about my fees or how much I make:).

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i get the same thing… i just stop talking about it .

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I am offended by just reading what Harris said. That is just shade on a whole different level and very unprofessional not to say the least. I am happy that you are both successful and it gives other notaries inspiration and fule to know that success can be achieved if you are willing to put in the time. However NOT taking a vacation is NOT why I got into this business… IJS. That is not something to be proud of.


I’m using this downtime to market my GNW. So far my efforts are paying off.


Hi @VIPnotaryCO !!!
I’m here to represent Delaware (attorney state). RON is not offered here to notaries – at least not yet. It’s so frustrating to see all the people “selling/peddling” this training to newbies who may not be aware of what’s available in their state.

However, I am dual commissioned in Pennsylvania (escrow state). And it’s allowed here. I am unsure of how to get started though. Any PA RON available to shed some light

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Are you marketing on Google, Yelp, Thumbtack?

What if any marketing tips/apps would you care to share? I’m Delaware/Pennsylvania commissioned.
TIA :slight_smile:

@302NotaryServicesPlus Great question. :sparkles:

I answered it a few days ago.

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