Anybody have trouble getting paid by SATELLITE SIGNING

I did a job for them 2 months ago and have not been paid yet. My concern is that I am getting no response from the email I sent and also the phone number of 727-304-2940 says to leave a message. Any suggestions?

Contact Title Co. and nicely suggest that if you’re not paid, well, gee, you’ll need to contact the lender. TC won’t pay you but will get on SS butt to do so. Works 98% of the time. Also, with any co. CHECK THEIR REPUTATION before you do the job.
When it turns out to be bad, just give it back promptly. Whatever fee you got goes down when you have to add ‘collection time/effort’ to it.

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I did one for them a year ago this month. It was Vendor Pay in Snap Docs and had no issues with payment.

I double checked and it isn’t a vendor paid signing for me. Thanks

I will try that. Thank you

Check that Vendor Pay again because most (all?) companies ONLY pay one way and if it IS Vendor pay you have to submit your bank info to get paid.

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I am in the same boat as you are. Haven’t been paid for the signing done in May and I called as well and left message. Even placed a note on the Snapdocs platform under the order. Nothing.

I put a message on Snapdocs also. Nothing. I’m gonna call the contact person listed , you know, the one you contact if you have questions. Hope this works.

It worked. I looked for the contact name and company on the order. I had to call several satellite offices before I found the one he worked at. He emailed someone at Satellite signing company, I got a call right away with apology and they are cutting me a check today. Yay thanks Arichter

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I did the same thing you did, but instead left a voicemail from the number I found in the Snapdocs email alert and they sent a response to me via Snapdocs saying sorry for the delay we have cut you a check. I just got it today, this was last week they sent the response. I don’t like having to track down companies to get my payment, but it does keep my mind going with something to do lol.

O good. I agree. It is ridiculous

I have sent several emails and called several times. No payment and today marks 60 days. Be careful with Satellite!

Two months now. They keep telling me they sent a check. I keep reiterating my address and nothing in my mailbox.

Satellite Signings are still taking a long time to pay. I called after 45 days and was told the check was sent the day before. Waited about 6 days and no check. Left a message on Snapdocs and was told they would look into it. Then they said check sent. Finally arrived 2 months from the signing date. They were looking for a notary for another signing and I turned them down. I don’t have time to chase after payment and I don’t like being lied to.


I did a signing for them on 10/18/19, according to their agreement they pay in 30 days. Have emailed, posted to Snapdocs and called the only available # I had (which was for the loan officer, he gave me a number to call the title company (Americas Title corp ), got no answer when I called so I also emailed them. So far have not herd anything.

I have a different number for them. Try 727-439-5276

I also completed 3 assignments for Satellite almost 1 year ago, not yet paid. Sent several emails, no response yet. I also try calling several times, their number on Snapdocs no longer in service. I then tried what “Arichter” suggested to contact the Title company, which I did. The title company mentioned that Satellite is no longer in business, but I can forward all the signing details that I completed for them to their corporate office and after the management go through it, they would cut a check for me. Thank you Arichter.

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