Anyone have a great scripts? for marketing

Does anyone have advice on a good script for sending an email campaign? I don’t want to sound like a used car sales man, lol. I want to have something I can send as an initial email. I’ve been reading a lot of about “what can I do for you” type emails and changing the subject line every time. Thanks in advance.

@tammy Well, mine are all customized . . . so, no generic overlay or template is available within my arsenal. :sweat_drops:

However, I performed a cursory Search via the GOLDMINE within the Notary Cafe database utilizing the elusive & nearly invisible Magnifying Glass (reference image below).

This is a thread that you may find particularly insightful/helpful: A Direct Title Marketing Script for Newbies!


Being different is the pure definition of “marketing.” Read others and come up with something unused, unique, and different, but sells what your selling. And I know this part is hard, but pitch something nobody else does, but at the same time, don’t pitch what everyone else does! I always say start with creating a business logo, then come up with your sales pitch off of that. Hope this helps!

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