Anyone worked with BlueNotary?

I have never heard of the company before, but I got an email advertisement directing me to this webpage:

They look like a competitor. Not sure if they are legitimate though. Their listed fees are also a little confusing. It also seems like they don’t give you clients unless you pay monthly for the platform, as opposed to the bring your own clients method. Any further info on them would be great. Thanks!

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@brianmirante1 As memory serves, this query is frequently asked & answered. Those threads can be found within the GOLDMINE database here at Notary Cafe.

Do you know how to utilize the Search Function utilizing the Magnifying Glass?

Here’s an image to assist you:


I found a couple of people mention BlueNotary as a recommendation. But none with any specific details on how they operate, their experience with them, or if they pay for picking up there “available calls”. There are 1 or 2 threads available but with no answer to it. Others are just reply posts mentioning it but no further detail. Was hoping someone here had a more definitive answer. Maybe I am just missing the post you are referring to though?

@brianmirante1 I did the Research for you & there are two active users. One each on these two threads:


SUGGESTION: Send a DM to each of those two Notary Cafe members to gather & discern additional information.


I am on that platform, and it was very easy to use. I bring my own work and pay for it to get extra GNW but it is hard to grab if not paying attention with the dashboard open/ they look for witnesses and notaries. It’s worth it, they can even make your digital stamp seal for you for $10. It’s a very affordable option and was an approved platform for NY for me to use.


Interesting, glad to know someone can verify having used the platform. I appreciate your time!

Do you find paying to get extra GNW work to be worth it for you? Currently it’s about $30 a month so you would need to wrestle a couple of signings at there stated rates to break even it would seem right? But I do find it interesting because there are very very few RON options that provide the clients for NJ notaries. So far (not including this one) I have only found 2. 1 has a broken ID system, and the other wasn’t taking on more notaries last I applied. I want to try this one out but I want to make sure it isn’t a phishing website first. I’ve seen a lot of fake websites trying to take advantage of Notaries.

Don’t waste your money. Never pay for orders or listings. If you do, you are the customer (sucker).

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I am a pro hybrid member on Blue Notary. I have a few clients that I serve through the platform and by being a paid user, I can bill outside the platform. You can still bring your own clients with being a paid member. The platform bills the client and then pays you. Of the two free platforms I’ve worked with, Blue Notary has the higher payout for bring your own clients. It is almost impossible to pick up a call, there’s maybe 10 a day and hundreds of notaries trying to get the call.

With that being said, there are times when the platform doesn’t work as it should.

I have a few paid listings/memberships. One of them gets me regular title company work.

I have been trying BlueNotary for a couple days now. I have noticed the same thing you mentioned… 10s of signings and 100s of notaries competing for them. From the signing simulation I did, it looks a lot simpler to learn then’s system was. However, I did notice the time listed on the schedule is a bit weird. It’s always in the signers timezone, and many times listed for a time hours previous to when it showed up. Although that is probably a pretty minor thing. Have you signed up to be an LSA with BlueNotary? If so, how was the experience? Where they large/small documents packages… Was it smooth… etc, as compared with GNW. To me, their LSA fee does not make sense for long 100+ page documents. But being as I am still waiting for approval from them to do LSA work, I have no idea what to expect in terms of package size.

Thanks again for your time!

My application for LSA is under review, so I have no idea how that works. I’ve not really paid attention to the open calls as I am not typically sitting in front of my computer when they come in. I will say though, I am not a fan of the scheduling clock, but that might just be me.

I would encourage you to run some test notarizations “Test with a friend” as there is a learning curve with text box placement and sizing. Also, worth noting, if you need to add your own notarial certificate, it looks best if you add a blank page to the document and resize it to fit the entire page.

I mentioned the scheduling clock being an issue to their support, I suggested they add at least a little time conversion to the Notary’s local time next to the scheduled time. Hopefully it will be improved in the future. As a whole, I do like their interface.

As for the test notarizations, I think that is a good idea. Thank you!

I was browsing the web after seeing a post about IPEN, and came across this 3-minute video from Blue Notary about how IPEN is done on their platform.

It’s hard to be sure from such a short video, but it looks like they use the same methods to identify the signer as for a RON signing. But that would be wrong under the laws of my state, VT.* The methods authorized for RON are for RON. The methods for in person are for in person (regardless whether the signing is electronic or paper). Following RON methods for an in-person is not lawful, and following in-person for a RON signing is not lawful. (Unless they happen to be the same method, such as personal knowledge, which Blue Notary doesn’t seem to allow.)

  • Neither RON nor IPEN will be legal in VT until the Office of Professional Regulation makes rules; they don’t seem to be in any hurry to do that.

Poking around further at Blue Notary, I found this page which indicates it’s possible to skip the automated identification flow. But to me, it seems wasteful and confusing to offer a flow that does not satisfy the law for an in-person notarization.

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Blue Notary really isn’t a signing service but rather a RON platform. It is ok but quirky at times. They do have open calls which are super to get and supposdly a loan signing part. I am approved but have yet to be offered a loan.

Their IPEN leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion - you almost have to use a laptop or computer. The IPENs I do for Amrock are very tablet friendly.

Yes, it is possible to skip the flow for id verification.

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