Are there any specifics/ licenses needed for Commercial RE closings?

I’m interested in expanding my Notary services to not only Residential closings but I’d like to offer Commercial closings as well but would like to know if there are any particular licenses that’s needed? I’m in Virginia, am licensed Realtor. Thanking you’ll in advance for any suggestions that may stir me in the right direction.

You can sell commercial real estate. take a specialty class from your board. Just remember you cannot notarize any documents that you have a financial interest in. In other words, you cannot notarize your own sales.

Thank you so much Susan but I’m not interested in “selling” commercial RE. I’m interested in being a NSA not only for Residential documents but also for Commercial RE docs; as I’m sure they have Refinances just as Residential properties.

I would get with a CE mortgage broker and find out what if anything is different in the packages. There are not that many CE Refis out there, but good to find out and offer your services. Good luck to you!

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