Assignment thru Signature Closers

So I was contacted by a Title Company thru Signature Closers on January 19th…

I was asked if I was available for a closing on January 27 AND I contacted them back and said “Yes”

I received a response stating that
a. I would deal with the title company directly (not signature closers)
b. they know I can do it and it has not been officially assigned to me and they wlll review and assign

Is that normal?
Will/should the contact me to say they don’t want me?

Of course, today is Sunday and I want to plan out my week.

Nothing on my Signature Closers Dashboard yet … should I contact Signature Closers?

That is completely normal. If nothing is on your dashboard, then you were not assigned to the job.


Nope. They’ll assign & you’ll know it or not & it’s crickets.


I seem to find a fair number of older negative reviews. Would anybody be able to comment on current experiences? good pay?, fast pay?, efficient communications? G/B/U?
Now recommended? Thanks

Im not sure Im following your question. Signature is a platform used by multiple agencies to assign notaries. Each service has their own payment terms. There is no one size fits all answer.

@jennifer.shaffor Signature Closers is a signing service, not a platform. last February they were acquired by Stewart Title.

Stewart Title acquired NotaryCam (Dec) and Signature Closers LLC (Feb)

Unless I’ve misunderstood what you said. but I don’t believe I have - you’re comparing them to platforms such as SnapDocs, signingagent dot com - no, that’s not the case…at least as far as I know. If I’m wrong, someone will correct me and then, my apologies…I had not heard they went over to the dark side (a/k/a platforms)

Not to muddy the waters, but Signature Closers is a signing service and the platform/app they use for scheduling assignments is called SIGNING CATCH. I believe Signing Catch is proprietary to Signature Closers, but not 100% sure.

It should be noted that signings that you get through Signing Catch may be paid by Signature Closers or directly by the company assigning the job. It depends on the company so it can go either way. Personally, I prefer to be paid by Signature Closers because they are completely reliable in that regard. When dealing with new companies that you haven’t dealt with in the past and have no knowledge of their payment history, you are at their mercy.

The majority of my signings were from Signature Closers. I found that they tend to pay well and they pay on time. I rarely get signings now…

Signature Closers will post the job and then assign the notary. If you are to be directly paid from the Title Company, it will state that in their confirmation. If you are to be paid thru “Signature” your payment will actually come from Stewart. Now here is the kicker, Stewart says they will pay you on the 1st and 15th however the payment will not be processed until 5 days later, so you actually get paid on the 6th or 20th, if you are lucky. Here it is Friday 2-3 and I still do not have my payment(s) from last month. Signature Closers ran so much smoother when Mark owned the Company. You were guaranteed payment on the 15th by 11AM.

Yes, things have gone downhill at Signature Closers since Stewart took over. But you can still count on them to pay you, even if it’s not as quick as it used to be. It isn’t as important to me how quickly I get paid as it is “that” I get paid, without having to hassle with them for it.

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SC provides signing services to several title companies who take over the order once a notary is secured. They also do the traditional lender jobs. I would characterize them as a full time signing service

@jnewberry That’s what I said - I don’t- see first sentence. I’m guessing maybe your post was just misplaced?