Awaiting my first job

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I am a newly certified signing agent eager to get out in the field and experience my first signing. I have went thru all of the steps to get my insurance, supplies, and have started marketing to signing companies but I haven’t had any traffic as of yet. How long does it normally take before I get a call with my first hot lead? I have noticed a lot of signing companies are requiring at least a year or 2 experience before You can qualify to be listed on their platform. I took my time and went to multiple NNA/ signing agent training courses to familiarize myself with the different loans and the the laws in Georgia before putting going public. I know I am prepared but I need at least one opportunity to prove myself. Tell me about your first loan closing experience and some of the mistakes your made your first few assignments. Sincerely inquiring

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Thank you for including the state you’re located within. This is always helpful info. :angel::yellow_heart:

For your own protection, please check the Laws in Georgia. Perform your own due diligence to ensure that you’re not engaging in Unlicensed Practice of Law [UPL] there in Georgia.

It’s unfortunate that some training programs are not forthright with these types of details.


GA is an attorney state for Loan Signings. There is another thread on this forum that you need to find and read as it has links to the law that states you can’t do this unless you’re a lawyer.

cNsa5 is right…various training programs do not shout this info, but it’s usually there somewhere.
You aren’t the first person to find out too late that you can’t legally do this, nor will you be the last.


Here is another url with info regarding GA signings:

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Thank you for this info :grimacing:. I was informed although Ga is an attorney state notary can still perform signing as long as an attorney is involved. But I will def do more research on this as well.

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They will come your way. It takes patience and also just keep signing up for more companies. Being in Georgia I would recommend marketing attorney’s in the area that might want you to do the notary portion while they do their legal obligation. Hang in there you will be super busy before you know it! :blush:


Excellent plan! :white_check_mark::+1::yellow_heart:

You’re off to a Great start. :woman_cartwheeling::bouquet: Once you’ve completed those efforts and validated the legal services that you’ll be able to provide in GA, you’ll have a firm foundation upon which to build your future business. In addition, you’ll have comprehensive knowledge regarding those “special” requests that sometimes cross the proverbial legal line . . . With that knowledge you’ll know if the request is within bounds or definitely out of bounds!


Admittedly, I don’t know a whole lot about attorney states but I did do a signing here in California for an attorney in Georgia. The property they were purchasing was in California so I was good to go-but I remember thinking at the time that I got the feeling it is the attorney you want to market yourself to in those states-vs the lender or title company. I’d give a title company a call and ask them-better yet, dress super professionally and go into one! You have a chance to market yourself. :slight_smile:

I’ve been signing independently since October but I was an escrow officer or assistant for 21 years. I do make an average monthly income of around $8500-but I could make more if I pushed myself, for sure. I’m in a densely populated area where the average signing is $75, and my advice to you is to take some of the lowball offers to get you started. It’s like credit-you have to do some to get some. I started on a bunch of HELOCs at $50 each-but within just a few days I was seeing offers of $90-100. I still take them at $75 though, to boost my stats.

SigningOrder and Snapdocs (I assume you have created a profile) keep track of how many signing offers YOU RESPOND TO, regardless of acceptance or decline. With a high response rate, whether you take it or not, the “bot” also pushes you up on the list and This will also push you up in the ranks. So try to respond to all offers-not just the ones you take.

And here’s a tip for you-if you have a great experience with any party to the transaction, reach out via email and TELL THEM what a pleasure it was to work with them. I am the very first notary contacted right now by 4 different companies-all of which were just absolutely fabulous to work with and they paid higher! Also, make sure the signers know who you are: give them your business cards, have pens made with your info and give them to them to keep after signing, make light conversation, even bring dog treats for their dogs-just make an impression because they absolutely are going to report back to the powers that be who may request YOU going forward (long as your package is correct).

Hope this helps, good luck!!


Take your time and be certain you haven’t overlooked any places for signature, dates and initials. “Go-backs” to obtain missing sigs, etc. are awful; it wastes time and $$ and sometimes, embarrassing. I always shoot for what I like to call “righteous signings” where I got it all right the first time. I am much better then when I first started out which was not that long ago.
This is the best advice I can give you. Good luck!

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Hey Bobby,

Those are some great tips thank you. Yes that is one of the things I will focus on during my first signing. Prep my documents and label them them before. Mistakes will happen but the goal is to learn from them. Create a solid routine and improve it along the way. I am really excited to jump out there.

Wow Angela,

That was amazing. Really great tips thank you. I have taken my time to start this business and I know I am prepare to give it a great shot. I am verified on Snapdoc, SigningOrder is the next on my list. I really like the pen idea, give the potential customers something they will remember me by. I will keep that in the forefront to impress the borrower at every appt. thank you for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. There are so many different services i can provide in the notary industry and I cant wait to explore them

Thank you for the encouragement. I have faith that everything will work out the plan it is suppose to. i have made it a goal to apply to a few companies everyday so i cant wait for my first hit lol.

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Thank you Arichter. I read as long as an attorney is involved a signed agent can still prepare the notarization. I’m curious to see how it would actually work. i will definitely do more research for more clarity

I’m in the same situation but in Missouri

Hey there,

I am a new Notary and Loan signing agent in Nashville TN. I have been reading many of the comments and encouragement from you all and it is so helpful to me. What I am getting from you most is to sign up with a lot of companies. In doing so I am finding that companies are getting my info from companies that I have already signed up with that I totally forgot about. So, your right the more the better. I am getting request for signings, but I am not being selected but I expect that to change soon. I’m staying positive. Thanks everyone for your continued encouragement!!

Hi there and welcome to team! I’m a fellow GA notary and I will tell you, we have a very rough mountain to climb here; however, it can be done. In our state, you can’t do any closings related to property in the state of Georgia! Period. For referenece, please check out this link; specifically bullets 9 & 10. Georgia Code Title 44. Property § 44-14-13 | FindLaw

Now that that’s out of the way, I do refi’s, loan modifications, deeds, reverse mortgages and much more for out of state properties. I work a full time job, as this business (due to our restrictive laws here) does not bring in the amount of money that I desire for me to quit my day job. I also do a great deal of GNW. However, I do enjoy doing it and it has lead to another business venture that I’m currently working on as a result of a need that I see in the market. Hopefully, this will be game changing b/c I’ve yet to see anyone else doing this. I won’t speak on what it is as of yet b/c I’m still getting everything set up.

Nevertheless, you can and will get business. Be sure that you’re signed up with as many signing services as possible. I’m not sure what training you took but there are literally 100’s of SS out there. Be diligent and patient. This is a marathon, not a sprint! Also note, just b/c you get a text or email alert and you respond, DOES NOT mean that you’ll get the signing. You didn’t do anything wrong, so don’t panic b/c it happens ALL THE TIME! Be patient and keep thriving! :slight_smile:

I received 4 calls to close while doing GNW
I finally caved for 300. No mistakes 2.5 hrs later. 600 signings later all is well

Georgia is an Attorney only state

I do many Georgia signings here in California on properties that are owned by California residents, usually an attorney has been assigned to the order and you will call them and they will go over the Georgia foreclosure law and are available for any questions. Then they hang up, and you continue the signing. Very simple. I did one on Thursday. I’ve done my of these. If I lived in Ga., I could make a full time business out of this. Just make sure with every Ga. order your get a cell phone # of the assigned attorney.