Bancserv Auto-denials

I have been waiting for months to hit the one year mark for Bancserv. I applied and passed the test with 100%. I wake up to receive an auto denial in my email, however, I don’t know which specific reason I was denied. Maybe there was an error in the application? I know it was autogenerated (maybe by zip-code) because they are closed.It also said to reapply in 6 months?? Have any of you gotten this? We’re you able to find out the specific reason?
Email below……

Thank you for your recent inquiry to become a notary in our database however we regret to inform you that your application has been denied at this time. Your application was not approved due to one of the following reasons listed below:

• Location - We currently have an over saturation of notaries that are well qualified to handle the amount of work we receive in your service area

• Availability - We are currently only seeking full time notaries in your service area

• Experience - We are currently only seeking notaries who have more than 1 year experience with loan document signings

• Loan Officer/Real Estate Agent - We are currently NOT accepting any notaries who hold an active or inactive license from the Department of Real Estate. Only notaries with expired licenses will be eligible to be in our database. All applicants are verified through state licensing records before a final decision has been made

• Attorney State - If you reside in South Carolina, Georgia or Massachusetts please note we are currently only accepting Attorney’s in our database at this time

While we feel it is not a good fit for us at this time, we suggest that you try again in the future as our notary pool and acceptance guidelines are constantly changing. Please feel free to re-apply in 6 months.

Same! I was so disappointed, but in my case, I think it’s that there is too many NSA 's :thinking: I heard they do this often.

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I’m sorry to you all, but please don’t give up!! It is a great company. I have worked with them since 2016. It took me a while to get in, but once you do, you won’t regret it.


I am in the EXACT same situation. I received the exact same email to the T. I think for me it’s because I carry my brokers license and I’m not willing to let it go even though that is not my main career goal. Also over saturation of LSAs too probably

I received the exact email today. Nothing i can do but move on. I may try again at some point.

Keep trying, mark your calendar, they do it on the 1st of each month but check their cut off them. Bancserv is a good company. They pay quick. Min. pay $100 from what I’ve seen via blast. I mostly ignore the blast.

SAME HERE! I was there for the 1st of the month 12-3pm CST application and test. Boom - auto-denial. Crushing!

They realize that real estate license holders are too knowledgeable to put up with their BS.