Bancserv Notary

I’m new to Bancserv. I have their mobile app, I frequently get notifications for signings (Blast offer). It’s been impossible to get a signing even when I have my phone on me. It’s like it disappears before I even get the chance to click accept.
Anyone here with the same experience?

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@docsnotarized There are algorithms that determine when the notifications go out and the vendor it goes to initially and so forth.

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I too am signed up with Bancserv of of Aug. 2023. I’ve had one opportunity and it was at a time when I was already booked for an appointment so I declined the order. I’ve not received another order since that opportunity.

As soon as you see it you have to just except the offer. Then if you get it and you can’t actually take it you just have to cancel it.I have been with them for a couple of years now and they go super fast because they are super easy and the packets are usually small. Hope this helps out best of luck :+1: