BancServ Signing Co

Hello, Ive just been approved as a signer for BancServ… Does any one have any feedback on this company?? any info would be helpful…



Great company to work for and pays timely!!


Perfect!!! Thanks so much for your help… Now hopefully I will get some signings :slight_smile:

They are one of the higher paying companies, so don’t sell yourself short with them!


That’s good to know… Thanks for the info

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They are the best company to work for


They are awesome. I have done many signings for them and they are terrific!


So far I’ve heard nothing but great things. Can’t wait to get signings. I’m excited

I have been working with BancServ for years and they are one of the best, in my opinion.


This is an excellent company to work for. Never have trouble getting paid. I’ve been working for them for over 15 years.


Be sure you download their app. They give you a few minutes to look over the offer and respond. Nothing to invoice and they pay on time.


I soooo appreciate all the comments on this… I actually downloaded the app today… played around with it a lil bit… now I just need some work… :smile:

BANCSERV is fidelity title’s very own subsidiary closing service. So you should ask for higher fees upfront OR after you get the documents, based on size, number of signers, fax backs , etc renegotiate for higher fees .
BEFORE & NOT AFTER The signings. Sometimes other signing services also provide scheduling services for their loan signings.


BankSer is a very reliable company to work for. I never had any problem with them. they have always paid on time


I have just been approved to work for them, I hope I start getting work from them soon as well.

How soon did any of you begin to start getting calls from them?

Ive been approved for a couple of weeks now… and haven’t received a phone call as of yet. Im hoping they call me soon…
I was also told to download the Bancserv app… to get signings faster…
But so far… NADA

Hello, I just got approved with BancServ, thanks for all that have posted feedback. I now excited and awaiting on signings to come my way.

They are a very good company to work with, they pay well and fast.

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The whole market is very slow now, interest has gone up so refinancings have slowed down and stopped completely, and purchases are rare because of high prices. I am talking about California or in particular Los Angeles, I don’t know about other areas.

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I have their app and have been contracted with BancServ for some time now. I can’t remember the last time I received a request from them. I have even spoken to their schedulers…per the advice from one of the VP’s at Bancserv.

I have lots of experience doing closings. Does anyone have additional advice?