BancServ Signing Co

I just downloaded their app as well. I’m guessing business is slowing down and they probably just go to their top picks first.

I have doing signings with them for about 10 years. They are great and pay every 2 weeks. They don’t pay what most companies are currently paying though. I’m at the top but still pay less. Not crazy about the call app. Not as many signings as I used to get.


Are you Fidelity approved? I was thinking that maybe they go to the Fidelity approved agents first.

I have worked with bancserv for about 8 years and they are a very good company and on time.

Great company, been with them for years. quick payment.

I downloaded their app, but how does it work? Do they send texts or what?

I downloaded their app and i sent numerous emails thru their website but they never responded, what do i do? What do you suggest? I want to sign up with them.

what is fidelity approve? How do we get approve?

Did you apply with them? There is some paperwork to fill out. New people cannot use the app until 10 signings are successfully completed. I was just hired on by them and they told me the information about the app.

I signed up with them and got approved a few months back…have not had any job offers from them. How can I get 10 signings so I can use the app if new notaries are such low priority to them?

I don’t know? I just got signed up with them this week. Did you do the required training modules when you logged in? I wish I had more information. And I wish I could get this “info10” name off my profile–especially since I have no “info”

I have signed up & been approved with them at least 3 Months now… I have downloaded the app… However I am not aware of the “10 signings” BUT… I have
yet to get any work from them at all. :expressionless:

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As far as I can remember, I completed everything that was required of me. I even had a phone interview with them, at which time they told me that I had been approved as a vendor. I haven’t heard anything from them since. I haven’t gone out of my way to inquire what’s going on, since I am busy otherwise, but it just seems rather strange to me.

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Bancserv is a good company. When we get a call, we are so excited. Everything goes so smooth with this company. It’s a company where you can actually ‘relax’ when working with them.


I just signed up with them and was approved, of courses I’ve been in this Industry for 30 yrs and retired, I was told it was a good company, and they pay on the 1st and 16th of each mo.

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One of the better apps out there, in my opinion.

They give you the assignment and a few minutes to accept or pass. It’s not an email blast to 10 million notaries.

You have a little time to accept or pass.

Unfortunately, no way (using the app) to negotiate the fee. Though that has never been a problem if you have a good relationship with their schedulers.

They pay on time. Do not require invoices. And, their website it very good. It is my favorite company

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I signed up with Bancserv and was approved by them in April of this year (2017). I haven’t heard anything from them since.

BancServ is one of my favorite Companies to work for. I like their software and they pay on time, without micro managing.

Been with them 6 months, no assignments yet. 12 years experience, 2000+ Signings since 2005. Hoping for the best :slight_smile:

I work with them. Pay on time, nice software.