Best printer for and IMac desk top

There’s so many threads out here on what the best printer is but I feel it’s subjective to the person. So I ask you fine Notaries, I have an IMac desktop and a brother 5200 dual tray printer but I always have issues with it jamming and pages getting cut off it’s crazy. Anyone out there have advice on a printer that has a good relationship with an IMac
Thank you

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Yeah, throw out the Mac.
Just kidding. . .

What, apple products are the most advanced and accurate technology on the current market. I love the simplicity and detail the MacBook Pro provides and it’s reliable.

Then why doesn’t it work with the guy’s printer??

Idk, it may just be a faulty printer.

Its not faulty its just Brother and mac aren’t compatible, I’ve heard many people say this


Save the IMac for other business and use your Brother 5200 with an unexpensive Google chrome laptop I have been using Brother printers and never had problem printing wit them.


yeah i started printing from my Levo laptop and it seems to be working well, sucks to have such an awesome desktop and it cant even work right with my printer


There is a conflict between Adobe and Apple that gets in the way. Neither Apple or your printed manufacture will help you resolve this. I gave up and bough a PC for the business.


Do yourself a favor and pick up a $200 HP laptop! I spent a month battling my Mac desktop and Brother 6200. Found a HP laptop at Best Buy for $189, downloaded the most current driver and have had ZERO print issues. I also like that it keeps personal separate from business. Life changing though. As I understand it, it’s actually and Adobe to apple issue.


I guess I’ll be shifting from my iMac once my 6200 arrives…🥲

I have been in your shoes - and I’m an AVID Apple person. Started with an iMac desktop (2018) then purchased a MacBook Air and attempted to use these for my first 9 months of business. Between documents jamming, taking sometimes 2+ hours to print, having to cancel assignments due to not being able to get there on time because of these issues - I broke down and bought a cheap PC specifically for printing documents only. I have NEVER had a printing issue since. I tried every single possible solution and fought the inevitable, but it was the solution. The PC I purchased was $150 from Wal-Mart and it’s made by Core Innovations. I literally pull up my portals and print my docs. The $150 was worth the price to not have to deal with that hassle anymore. TIP: do not buy a Chromebook. They are not Adobe friendly for printing.

I have a friend who informed me that Canon printers are amazing with Apple also, but considering that I had already invested in my Brother 6200DWT - trying to find a printer was a harder task than spending the $150 on a new little laptop.

I hope this helps. I’m forever still dedicated to my Apple products with the exception of that little PC that was my big game changer! :slight_smile:


I have a macbook air and a brother mfc-j5330dw they both work fine only problem i have is i cant directly scan files/papers from the laptop i have to use the brother app to scan but other than that i havent had a problem

Brother HL-L8360CDW–have two; over 1yr owned for each- only 1 issue with one of printers jamming–no issues partnering with Macbook air

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I was really nervous about selecting a printer with an Apple computer but I have a MacBook air and I just got the brothers L2550dw, so far so good. I had absolutely no issues setting up the printer or scanner to my mac. The printer is not a dual tray but it does have a feeder. I was using the HP envy and I had no issues with setting up that printer either.

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Like you I was having trouble with paper jams. I discovered the lowest cost paper I was using was the culprit. I discovered the “Brighter” the paper the less friction there is between the pages, letting the slide through the Brother Printer internals. I spend a few cents more per page, but make up for it with far fewer jams that eat into my time.

I took the advice of one of the NSA Guru’s and bought the Brother 5200/6200 printers. Had one fail almost immediately, the warranty replacement is how I discovered the cheap paper problem.


In my past business history, I spent a lot of money on HP Laser printers and decided after 2printer failures in 65 days to change. After a lot of contact with various purveyors, to purchase a 2 tray Xerox VersaLink C405. Yes, it was more expensive, $1,600 plus change, but has been reliable. Be. sure to purchase from a reliable dealer with service department available. I have a Mac Mini with an M1 Chip. The M1 adds some changes, but seems to have embraced all needed adjustments. Best wishes, Daniel

I absolutely love my HP f428fdw.
I save the file to usb then plug into the printer and print. It printers both, legal and letter, at the same time.

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If the legal sized pages are cutting off and you use adobe acrobat then turn the whole document upside down before printing. Problem solved. Good luck.

The Mac has nothing to do with the printer jamming. My brother printers(I have three) never jam. Could be a bad printer, cheap paper, overstuffing the trays. I’d contact brother.