Best Printer for Signing Agents

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What is the best laser printer for this job?

Thank you.

If you ask 10 different notaries you will get 10 different answers. I personally find a dual tray printer (one with a separate tray for letter sized paper and legal paper) to be most efficient. You may want a multi-function printer that you can use to scan documents to PDF format for those companies that require scan backs / fax backs. HP and Brother printers are popular, but again different notaries use different brands. I personally use an older HP LaserJet P2055dn, it does not have a scanner but I really don’t do a lot of signings that require large amounts of scan backs. I use an app called Cam Scanner on my phone for when I do have to do scan backs (normally less than 50 pages). I purchased the printer used on eBay over 7 years ago for only $250. I have had to spend a few hundred dollars over the years to get it repaired but it has been well worth the cost. You will get wear and tear breakdown on your printer if you end up doing a lot of signings over many years. It is often possible to get your printer repaired instead of trashing it and buying a new one.

I would say if you are just starting out and you are “testing the waters” as a notary signing agent to get a laser printer that you can AFFORD - maybe a smaller single tray printer for around $100. You can always upgrade once you start getting consistent business and use the smaller printer as a travel or back up printer.

Also, research the cost of TONER and drums for whatever printer you are looking to purchase. Toner will be a much bigger expense than the printer itself over time.


Thank you so very much. I have a small hp printer that I use at home which I have converted to my mobile printer, however, I can see that this job may often require a good amount of printing job. Therefore, I was looking to purchase this:

Obviously I’ve never used that particular printer, but it looks like it would get the job done and it has good reviews. The only downside is that it is not a dual tray printer, but you can still work with the single tray.
Good luck!!!

I purchased Brother HL-L6200DWT printer, it delivers easy-to-use, cost-effective printing to workgroups with higher print volumes. This printer helps increase business productivity and efficiency thanks to a super high-yield replacement toner cartridge and up to 48ppm print speed. Reduce paper refills with dual 520-sheet capacity paper trays, or for even greater paper capacity an optional add-on tray is available. Advanced security features help restrict unauthorized printing and protect sensitive documents. Plus, share on your network with Gigabit Ethernet or wireless interfaces and print from mobile devices. I already had a printer that I use to Scan documents, so I didn’t need that feature. This printer was easy to set-up and works great. I just purchased the toner (below) works great, but if you are printing 100 plus papers at the same time, you may get few (not many) that have smudges.


You might try eBay. Worth a shot. I’ve purchased several over the years and have always been pleased.
Every notary has their own thoughts on this subject, as you can see. If you get a high duty-cycle ‘workhorse’ with low page count, refurbished, you can save a LOT of money over original cost.

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tThat Brother printer looks good - you should research the specs and see if it’s capable of accepting a second tray (purchased separately_

Beware of this particular spec: “'35 page auto document feeder.Recommended Monthly Print Volume:250 to 2,000 pages”

That’s not a lot of printing capability when you’re talking loan signings.- depending on the types of loans you sign and who you work for, you can burn through 2,000 pages in no time. (BTW, this spec is the reference for maximum performance of the printer).


I personally like the Brother 6300 series printers. They are fast, they run well on WiFi, and have ability add-on multiple trays. They run forever and while the toner is expensive, I think it’s well worth it in the long run.


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Signing for 16 years now, only use HP 4000, 4050
Cheap to buy used $20-$50 per printer.
I pay NO more than $5. per toner cart delivered to my door. Yes $5 ! off Ebay.

These new laser printers are cheap quality, but if you want to pay more All round, then go head.

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I am looking for a multifunctional printer so that I will not have to purchase fax/scanner separately.

Hello! I agree with those that have the Brother laser printers. I currently have the HL-L6400DW It has the dual trays and is a work horse. I personally decided that I did not want an all in one because if one of the all-in’s breaks then more than likely something else would as well. I purchased the Brother ADS-1500W, It works via wi-fi and does 25 pages at a time. Now as I say 25 if you sit and feed it not letting the pages run out but letting the pages run low I have scanned over 100 pages at a time. It allows you to set it up to save directly to a flash drive (which is my preference) it is faster to scan to the flash and then download it to where ever you need. Again these are my choices and they seem to be working out really well. Plus I can take the scanner with me so that I can scan on the run. It is compact and light enough to carry it anywhere.

Good luck with your purchase!

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I also agree with the Brother printer owners. My HL-L5200 is 3 years old and is a workhorse and has been completely problem free. I would advise that the 6 series is a better printer because the toner cartridge yield is 12,000 pages, my printer is 8,000. In addition, aside from the original cartridge it came with, I have NEVER used a Brother cartridge. Far too expensive. The third party toner is all over eBay and I pay about $13 each when I buy three and their yield is really what is claimed. The 12,000 page toner might be a little more.

There is no scan capability which for me is no problem because I already had an all-in-one inkjet which serves as my scanner and printer for the signer’s copy of the docs. GoldenGateNotary commented that the cartridges are expensive which implies that he is using Brother products. I don’t know why people buy the branded product when the off brand is so inexpensive, produces the same results and my toner costs barely show up on my cost radar. To each his own.

notarygrace…please check out Vue Scan. It is a scanner software app that replaces the app in almost every scanner out there. Scanners come dumbed down but Vue Scan opens up all it’s capabilities. You will be amazed at the difference.
For starters, you can scan any size file, you are not limited by the number of pages you can fit in your doc feeder. Just keep scanning, it does not matter if the hopper runs dry. Just add more pages and click the SCAN+ button and keep on going. It’s worth it for that capability alone but it is far more robust. Don’t know what I’d do without it.

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I’ve become a real fan of Brother’s laser printers, I started using the HL-6200DW last year and it has been flawless. I just added a second paper tray a few months ago and that is a real time saver upgrade. One tray for legal and the other for letter size. Adobe Reader selects the correct tray for each paper size in the job so no more figuring which is letter/legal or having to change paper several times in a job. My last job switched back & forth between letter & legal size multiple times and it was great to watch the printer run unattended, printing the correct size each time. This model already has the second tray , you can buy it without the second tray to save $$$ and add the second tray later as I did.

Thank you, for responding. I finally purchased this:
Brother All-in-One Color Wireless Laser Printer (MFC-L3770CDW / MFCL3770CDW) I am not sure whether it will be able to print different paper sizes at the same time though, it has some good reviews online.

I found out that the additional tray cost between $120-$150, which is almost half the cost of the printer itself.

If you didn’t get the second tray then no, it won’t print two sizes unless you can print letter size from the manual feed tray and legal through the regular tray.

Why did you opt for color? In this business monochrome is the best way to go - may have been able to get the second tray if you went mono rather than color.

Oh well, your choice - hope you enjoy the new printer; but personally, I’d spring for the second tray - it will pay for itself in no time; or you can always use page separator - search here for info on that program.

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For a less costly version with a dual tray, you can go with this one… And yes I agree, you don’t need a color printer for this job. Color is not used for signings. Also, look around for bargains on the Brother LT-6500 2nd paper tray, I found mine on eBay for only $95. New but its box had just been opened previously.

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Thank you. Finding an all in one laser printer that has dual tray below $400-500 is difficult. As a new signing agent, I really need something that is affordable but at the same time something that can offer me all that I need in a printer.

Do you have any advice on the scanning part of the job? The few jobs that I have been contacted to do all requires “scanback”

The printer you bought is an “all-in-one” - it scans, faxes, copies and prints.