Best Signing Companies

Amrock will pay the entire fee if you spend more than 30 mins online or on the phone with the signers. I usually try to walk them through their issues so I haven’t had any problems. Plus every time I call with even the slightest complaint, or issue they always work with me and give me options. There is almost always somebody there to pick up the phone if you need them. I find it hard to work for anybody else TBH.

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Thank you for providing the list. Having a list like this is very helpful.

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I do think its the future for sure. Just slowly, but I get real estate news emails and see many lenders and title companies adopting this.

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I regularly get about 25% more…just sayin’

Yes, have also rec’d signings for $85. I send back fee to low.

Who? is “they?”Who? is “those guys?”

Totally agree with you! They want the “experienced notary” and don’t want to pay!

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I’ve worked with all of them except FASS and agree they are worth signing up with. Haven’t done anything with them for 3 years bc I quit doing loan signings, but I got a lot of work with Bancserv. We had a falling out b/c I wasn’t living up to their expectations of being an ‘on call’ notary for them. They’d call me for a same day job and expect me to jump and take it and when I told them I don’t work that way ( this was getting to be very consistent), I was told that they expected to be able to fill jobs as they came in and if I wasn’t going to take ‘same day’ jobs, they weren’t keeping me on, so we parted ways.


Like I said Keep Living!

I do understand! I was their go to person , it started with same day then 4 hr notice and then last min anytime at night and where I live no street light (Woods), I stop taking their calls

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I’m past 30 days with X Marks the Spot. She’s been very communicative and open, saying “To be 100% transparent with you, when times were really good and we were busy we would pay out of pocket to float the payments until we received them from title. Now that it is slow we are not able to float it as much. So they payments seem to be 30-45 days. I am sorry for anything that was misleading and hopefully things pick back up sooner rather than later.” As business here has been very slow, I completely understand her situation and appreciate her being open and forthcoming.

Thanks! Learned a lot from what you said. Much appreciated. :blush:

I just got an email from National Link. Do you still hold them in high regard?

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I like ASAP, but we’ll look at the rest. Thanks

I also have had good business with XMarks the Spot. FASS was my busiest service during 2020 and 2021. They paid every 2 weeks and paid well.

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