BEWARE! Evolve Mortgage/Zigsig platform operated by Prolink

Beware!!! Please avoid accepting signings from Zigsig. I completed a signing in December and I haven’t been paid. I communicated with Adam through email and he stated that Evolve Mortgage is responsible for paying me. I also spoke with a representative from Loan Depot and they stated, that they paid Evolve Mortgage for my services.


Contact Evolve Mortgage

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I’ve contacted Evolve and I didn’t receive a response.

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Wishing you luck, hopefully the check is in the mail.

As always, contact title / /lender / escrow and explain that they signing service they contracted with hasn’t paid you. If one of them paid the signing service (one of them did, of course) you’ll find some leverage there. Good luck.


I’ve always had to contact the title company and ask how I get paid. They have always sent me out my payment right away once I contacted them.

The company that reached out to you that offered you the job and you agreed the amount to do the job, is the same company that should pay you. Doesnt matter if they didn’t get paid, that’s not your problem, you did the job.

NNA has sample letters on how to proceed with collection of payment. If you are not a member, you can still have access the samples and use the templates on their website.

I know it’s time consuming, but it’s worth it. It’s a legal process in getting paid when they have gone over their payment period and they wont honor your payment agreement of amount due.


I just wanted to add a little tid bit here. Remember that ZigSig is a platform that connects notary with those who need a notary. When you click on the order on the top you should see your payment details. You should be able to see the payment status at the bottom and who is responsible for payment.


I did 2 signings for them in December, and waited for the e-check, but was in fact sent a paper check in the mail. Hopefully, the same will happen for you.
But I would definitely let the other parties involved know if you don’t get paid.
Edit to say I did a singing for them 12/21 and a check just came in the mail today.
Interestingly, all the contact info for evolve is gone from the signing info on the platform…

This is the title company not ZIG SIG. They are a platform. They aren’t responsible for paying you.

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I did a closing for them in December. I received a paper check from them last saturday in the mail.

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Are they legit Signing Company? Do you have to attach your Bank Account to site to get any orders?

They are not a signing company but yes I’ve worked with the platform before. I actually like it. I don’t recall connecting my bank account because I’m more direct but I haven’t had any issues as of yet.

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I am surprised because Zigsig is a decent company and I like working with Adam. Maybe Escrow is taking longer to close.

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I like working with Adam as well. So far, so good.

ZigSig is a signing platform so they aren’t responsible for paying you. The company that gave you the signing is. ZigSig is a great platform and I’ve worked with Adam for several years now and he’s awesome. So, please don’t blame them and don’t spread falsities about them!

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These signing services are losing their minds. I’ve had to almost threaten 3 different signing services regarding payment.
When the rates start to drop these signing services won’t have anyone left who trust them enough to work for them.
It’s almost 60 days past the date of signing and I have not received payment from Kevin Hoogeveen of @SigningAgents :rage:

They are a platform (like snapdocs or You can attach your banking information to your profile just like in the other platforms for companies that want to direct deposit your payment. The title company that hires you through Zigsig is responsible for paying you. I have had a positive experience taking signings through the platform and no problem with payments.

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They sound familiar I think i get their texts but they have never assigned. Could be a different company. I have only not been paid once and it was “Angie” company on here. In any case I only work with large reputable signing companies or local ones that I can drive to their office if needed. Otherwise just title directly. I request advance payment from the other signing companies. They have yet to pay me advance lol.

Did they end up paying you?