Beware of America's Notary Pro

I did 3 signings for America’s Notary Pro.
Nov 4, 12, and 19th 2021.
I have not been paid for any of them.
On their portal, it shows that two have been closed, invoiced, and paid by the title company. the last one I did on Nov 19th, it is showing the title company has been invoiced but has not yet been paid.
At this point, I feel they are stalling now.
I sent an email on Dec 14th, 2021 asking when their pay dates were and when I could expect to get paid for the assignments, they emailed back and said it would be forwarded to accounting, then a few minutes later another email said they needed my E&O, background check and W9, so I complied and sent them the needed documents. No response.
Then on the 21st I was texted and asked if I could complete an order for them, I responded back saying “No I could not, because I have not been paid for the prior three.” The person replied with " I let my supervisor know and she said they need a copy of your W9 to pay you."
I said I sent it on the 14th but just a few minutes later I received an email from Debbie and she stated that accounting needed my w9 for me to be paid, so I printed and signed a new w9 and emailed it to them. No response, and no check.
I did these assignments in good faith, the first two were scan backs and I had to wait for approval before dropping them and for both of them, I received emails stating I had the approval to drop them at FedEx and both of them have been closed and the title companies invoiced and paid. The last one I went out of my way, to make sure the FedEx package was dropped the day it needed it dropped which was the same day, the signing was at 6:30 pm but our FedEx last pick up was at 5:30 pm. So I let them know and rescheduled all of my other obligations so I could meet the signer and get his document signed in time to make the last FedEx pick up that day. That one has been invoiced, but not yet paid by the title company the best I can tell by the portal.
I will be talking to an attorney and filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Texas Attorney General, and Secretary of State. There has to be something that can be done about these companies that do not pay. We, notaries, spend our own money buying paper, toner, gas, and the wear and tear on our vehicles and most importantly our TIME, preparing these documents so we can do the best job we can do for these companies just to be slapped in the face by not being paid and paid on time. I have three favorite companies I work for, they disclose when they pay, and they always pay on time. I am at the point of ONLY accepting assignments from them and them only. I am tired of wasting my time and effort for a company that doesn’t appreciate it.


I’ve not had your experience with ANP. I’ve completed several assignment with them and they’ve always paid as agreed.

What is the normal payout timeline? I asked them in the email and they never answered it?
I feel like I am getting the run-a-round. The first one I did for them was Nov 4, the second was Nov 12 and the third was Nov 19. The first two invoices were paid by the title companies and the third was invoiced but not paid by the title company.

If this is the same people from ASAP Notary I wouldn’t expect payment until February. I stopped using them because of ninety day payment.

They pay usually 15,30 or 45 days, it depends who the lender was, it seems like you are in immediate need of money, but let me tell you; you keep signing for them and in the near future you are going to get checks that probably forgot about them,keep worrking for them and another companies and you will never short on cash, I promise you!

This income is primarily for my horses. My husband takes care of our family needs, I do this so I can keep my horses and not have to ask him for money. The money from those three signings was supposed to cover the rest of my pasture rent and buy some hay. The guy that lets me rent the pasture has been very patient with me but I don’t want to take advantage of that. My three favorite companies I do work for always pay me on time. I was figuring and planning for at least 30 days but on Jan 4th the first one I did will be 60 days overdue. I looked at the portal and the lender has already paid Americas Notary Pro for the 1st two I did. Whenever I ask about it, all I get is they need a copy of w9 which I have sent to them two times now just in the last two weeks.

So once again I inquire about my payment and I get “accounting will look into this for you” except this time I get the name “Suzy” and I get locked out of their portal. It’s okay, I already downloaded and printed out the information from the portal and I have been saving the emails. Looks like I will be talking with my lawyer friend.