BEWARE OF ASAP Pro Notary Services, they don't pay

We did a closing for ASAP Pro on 12/14/2015. We contacted them 2/11/2016 about nonpayment and was told to resend an invoice, which we did. Since then we have emailed their accounting department and left voice messages 4x. Two days ago I finally got a live operator and I asked to speak to the owner/manager. I was told she was not in the office and that the operator would IM her and I would get a reply back in 24 hours. That was over 48 hours ago and still nothing. NOTARIES BEWARE and stay clear of this company.


I did a closing for ASAP Pro on 1/20/2016. No payment, no respond to my emails… Can anyone recommend how to deal with them?

I have had nothing but good experience with ASAP for at least 5 years. They do pay slow and if you read their terms, I think they are 90. I have usually had to send them one letter but they always paid after that. If ASAP got paid on your signing, Lisa will pay you, IMHO.

I’m so glad that you have had good experience with ASAP Pro. I have not and still have not been paid. I also went ahead and contacted the title company that I did this closing for on 12/14/2015. They sent a check to ASAP Pro on 12/17/2015, which was processed on 12/23/2015. So, they got paid, and it is well over 90 days, and they have never responded to any of my emails (4) or phone calls (3). I got a real person for the second time last week and was assured that this was a oversight and that a check would go out that day. That was nine days ago and still no check. They SUCK big time, IMHO.

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Very slow in paying - If you don’t care about getting your money in a timely fashion - go do a signing for them. They pay a decent fee, however, you will see it 90 to 120 days later.

Do not mix up ASAP (Andrea) with ASAP Pro (Lisa). ASAP is the company that pays reasonably fast. ASAP Pro has always paid me but sometimes it takes months to get paid.

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I agree that ASAP Pro pays slow. They have recently changed the email address to send invoices to. Try to see if that helps.

I’ve done 3 assignments for ASAP Pro since 2013; average time for payment was 60 days.

I’ve done 8 assignments for ASAP Signing Service since 2013; average time for payment was 30 days.


I too have had the same experience and finally called the Title Company. Same thing, they had been paid at Disbursement and had cashed their check but failed to pay me. This is from 12/28/2015. Called and emailed several times. I also requested Snap Docs to remove them from their site. As a notary, I have to turn in my credentials and keep them up to date to be on Snap Docs. They should have to be current with payment to their notaries.


I have a question to pose to any members-notaries…interested… Why do you “allow” any companies to take more then 30 days to pay you? Why do we as notaries take this-? Do these companies be it signing services, title companies, lenders etc pay their other bills any time they feel like it? Does the electric company or their insurance, rental agencies etc let them pay them just anytime? I/ you are not second class citizens and should not be treated like that. How about getting together and telling all these late payers, and folks we have problems with that we, will NO longer accept this and stand up for yourselves? Why should we have to beg to be paid for something we did, once its done and found to be correct. That does not take 30, 60 or 90 days or more. I as of now-- am going to tell companies when they call me or email me that I expect payment in 30 days after the signing takes place… I offer them “pay pal” if they want to take advantage of that-- and I will pay the fees for that transaction so as to facilitate the payment if it helps… Otherwise they can go try to find someone like those of us who wait and plead and get lied to etc. to do their work… Do YOU not have bills to pay also? Did you already print out the docs, use ink, paper, gas, your time, etc etc already? Can we not get together and demand to be treated better… IF WE work together and start telling these companies what WE need-- once our job is correctly done— why cant they pay us in 30 days or less? For closings especially the title companys pay the real estate firms right at the closing table, give the sellers their funds usually right then and also they mail out any other bills charged to title, such as pest inspectors, appraisers, building inspectors etc, NONE of them wait to be paid — why is it that Notarys are different? I have changed my information as of now on my notary listings on the sites to reflect that I need to be paid in 30 days or I will initiate collection procedures (there are many things you can do) adding in “late fees” but giving them one late notice by phone or email with a 5 day grace period for them to get me a check before I begin that action… I will make sure they know that and acknowledge it in the verification of the assignment emails that we exchange after they have contacted us with the signing information and fee verification etc… Do you have the respect for yourself to get together as notaries and let these companies and people know that we work hard too, and try to treat their customers as family or friends and do the best we can to represent them at the table? If we get together and stop putting up with this treatment and tell those calling that this is OUR policy then wont they have to shape up? Yes i/we might lose a signing because of this in the beginning BUT if enough of us stand up and do this- they will have to treat us like they do everyone else. I for one am tired of chasing late payments and being lied to etc. And we have to pay our bills when they are due- not when we “feel” like it right? Do you have the courage to join with me and others and state that we will be paid in a reasonable time? if they dont have the money to pay us like anyone else they owe- then they are probably already in trouble of going out of business etc. so why deal with these people? Signing companies etc are using YOUR money to operate or do whatever with- or just dont care when they pay you because they think we won’t stand up to them together. If they cant find someone to do their work who doesn’t request timely payment then what will they do? Can I get some Notaries to join me to work to improve this business for all of us?


I’ve just had a very pleasant interaction with ASAP Pro. It was a last minute assignment, but they offered a very reasonable fee. I expressed concerns about their reputation for payment, and they told me that it was only a few people that have had bad experiences (yes, I know that’s probably not the case, that’s just what she said), but they would pay me with PayPal to make this signing go smoothly. By the time I finished the closing, I saw the PayPal notification on my phone. I would gladly work for them again, but I will ask for PayPal each time.

They did not pay for the closing I have done for them on January 20th. I am planning to wright to Ripoff Report when I’ll have a free time… What they do is illegal, and they have to be punished.

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Actually they have had that email address for several years. I quit working with them a year ago because they paid on 120 days. I asked if the office workers would continue working if they had to wait 120 days to get paid and … no response or answer other than uuuuuhhhhh.

I’m waiting on payment from February.

It’s simple Irina, send them a new invoice with a note stating if it’s not paid within 72 hours you will forward the bill to the title company ( their client) and the borrower. You should get immediate response. If not, follow through and send it to the original title company on the order. I’ve never had to follow through…they’ve always paid pronto.

I have worked for Lisa at ASAPPRO and yes they do pay slow. I have had to email Lisa directly for payment, the contract is forty five days from closing and sometimes it will take longer unless you email ( her directly with the closing information

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I am surprised that this woman is still out there scamming notaries. She (Lisa) took off with my money 2 years ago and told me that she was filing for Bankruptcy and going out of business. Also promised to pay me and never did. I am surprised to hear that she is still out there scamming notaries. Do not work for her, she is a crook!

I finally received payment July 6, 2016 for a signing I did for them March 25, 2016. BEWARE OF ASAP!!!

I’ve done three signings for them in May and still no payment at all. I wrote Lisa several mails and not answer at all. I called them and nothing but an answering machine. This is so frustrating…and i still receive assignments from them. Honestly I don’t understand why they are still working through SnapDocs which such a reputation!

Right. I no longer accept ASAP Pro. Too much effort to get paid.