Beware of Scam/Spam Emails From Susan Anagnostopoulos

I received a suspicious email from a law firm claiming to need a notary in my county. The email appeared to be from Susan Anagnostopoulos. The first clue that this was BS was this non-official email address that it came from:

Just for kicks, I replied to the email and requested more information and of course they “had a problem uploading it to their ‘website’” and needed me to click on a “secured link” to accept the closing and retrieve the docs.

The email signature:

Susan Anagnostopoulos
Legal Assistant
Zendegui Law Group, P.A.
10800 Biscayne Blvd, Ste 725
Miami, FL 33161

…had the name of the law firm (which is a real law firm) and an address but no phone number. A quick Google search proved that the address in the email signature was incorrect for this law firm and after a brief call to the phone number that I found on Google for this law office, as soon as I mentioned “Susan Anagnostopoulos” the receptionist confirmed what I already suspected. It’s a SCAM.

Beware people!

I attached screenshots of the emails below for reference.

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“Susan” is still at it. Also goes by “Rosemary”. Has new email as well. . Stay safe everyone.

Scott Wilkinson


Search Zendegui Law Firm here - been discussed.

She’s gonna have trouble getting that signing done in a timely manner - 8/9/2022 is a Tuesday, not a Thursday.



Yep, I almost fell for it. The price and no phone number got me to ??? This

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I got the same email. I questioned it because it didnt list a specific county and the hotmail address

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Thanks this is very helpful!

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Thank you for posting your experience with this scam. I received the same email from Susan and was very leary when no phone # and signing location was listed. She also seem too desparate for you to click on the “secured” document. I’m so glad I didn’t despite the generous fee of $250. BEWARE!

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I just received an email from the same email address the name was change and the law firm was changed as well but it had the same email body and email address. This is scary!

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(CA) Yeah, it’s the same as “ImpressiveLawyers” – search for that name in this site and you’ll see what I discovered. It’s another scammer.