Brother N760 Toner

I’m looking to reduce my cost on printing. I have been buying the brother N760 and was wondering if anyone has used the off brand kind and how was it.

My understanding is that Brother equipment doesn’t work with off brands very well. Maybe other folks’ experience will be different.

I always used off brand for my Brother MFC…used QuickShip Toners for toner AND drums … Super cheap prices and quick service…

That was my experience with them

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I’ve got a Brother DFW (whatever) 5200. Do you think QuickShip toners and drums would work ok? I’m sick of the high prices for 850 toners and drums.

@Bobby4913 best answer is go to their website and see if they have toner and drums compatible with that model. Buy only one to test - the prices are very low and they stand behind their products. My history of buying goes back several years but I never had a problem with their products (Brother MFC8460 here I think is my model).

Good Luck

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Thank you I will look into this too.

Great question! I was wondering about this same thing.

Great minds think alike… I am a bargain shopper :rofl:

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Yes! I just signed up with Staples. I’m currently signed up with Office Depot as they are closer. I try to compare process and whoever is the cheapest will honor the prices of the other. I actually have a collection of used toner cartridges I need to take in. Sheesh lol

Some of my points came from my recycle cartridges too. I live in a 1/2 horse town and there is no Office Depot here…

amazon - linkyo 2 toners - 1 drum $53.61 total - works great

Can you share the link?