Business Licenses

I’m in Nevada, and I just learned that wherever you perform notary work in Nevada, you need a business license either in the County and/or City that you perform notary work. The rule is “If you are making money”. Each place / most locations will charge a $150.00 admin fee to process the paperwork, and then the license itself is $150.00 - so your first out of pocket fee starts at $300.00. Not all counties/cities are like that, though.

What’s it like in your state?

In Texas most municipalities don’t require a business license. The exceptions are food/restaurant, daycare centers, schools, etc… Some cities require a occupation permit for business that are open to public traffic. In Texas you can file a DBA that covers you State wide, the same is also for LLCs and Corporations.

Florida here - my county requires a business license - $30/year license fee.

Wow! I’m in the wrong states!

Texas Franchise Taxes don’t kick in until you annual revenue exceeds $1.18 Million. :slightly_smiling_face: