C2C removes LSA from their list

What signing services like C2C should do is to sell your services properly to the clients, and increase the price of signings in accordance with the value you add, rather than forcing notaries to pay for your services. If a notary signing fee for a refi is $125, then you should be charging $200 to the client. Pay us our $125, you keep $75, the client passes the expense along to the borrower, everyone wins. Forcing notaries to pay for your service to your clients is absurd.


Let me start by saying that I do appreciate your email and be given the opportunity to answer your accusations. Congratulations on your clear success with your own clients.

I was a signing agent for many years, and I worked up to 10 signings a day, I started working for signing companies who paid $50-75 each. I had been laid off from a company after 5 years due to a downturn in the industry I was in. I found working for a signing company was good, because It taught me a lot. I have personally made every mistake in the world, so I learned so much.

So yes there were many nights I drove home so tired I was crying. I wanted to make a name for myself and the only way to do it was to say yes to everything, that was 20 years ago. I have never been accused of being lazy, ever.
Signing companies have been around longer than C2C.

But your statement " It’s a company whose business practices have ruined the industry for notaries and created an environment where notaries can no longer make a viable living without working 120 hours a week and incurring 10X the expenses to make the same amount of profit" . You give us too much credit, 3rd party companies have been around a long time in most industries.

Since I have been in this business for 20 years, I know what has and has not ruined the industry, but it’s not signing companies. Why? Because every signing agent can market themselves, and get their own clients. Cut out the 3rd party vendor like C2C. I hope everyone does this!

Many of my clients are national companies, thus they want the security of huge insurance that we provide at thousands of dollars a year and a guarantee that if a signing agent makes a mistake that cost of a rate lock a company like mine will pay it. Where individual signing agents might not be able to. Also many national companies bundle their fees, with the notary so the price they pay us is not the lions share.

However, there are lots of escrow agents and lots of escrow and lenders that want that one favorite agent. You take the fees as an insult, that is too personal. You don’t have to take the signings, or even respond.

C2C has completed 9250 signings last month, and I would assume that there are enough signings to go around for independent signing agents who make 150-200 dollars. I have to sign an SOW and MSA’s with my clients, and our fees are set.
If a loan mod cost C2C, $150 dollars, and I only receive $55.00 that is too bad for C2C.
Many of our clients for the refinance will allow a tiny move in fee if it cost more, but because of TRID, fees can not change for the borrowers after the CD is signed.
You are saying, “We’re supposed to be on the same side.” I am a team player, but then you also say, " If you genuinely believe that C2C is a ‘good’ companies with a genuine value add to the signing process, then market yourselves accordingly. Sell your service to your clients and get them to pay for your service by adding it to the title charges on each loan, rather than forcing notaries to pay you for the service you provide your clients." how is this the same side?
How are we forcing our notaries to pay us?

Your long post shows you really don’t know the whole story and how much money it costs to run a global company.
I wish you however only the best.

We don’t force anyone to partner with us, and if it does not work we totally understand.


I am certainly not perfect, and if I was unkind, I am sorry. Glad you got experience

Lisa, your intended insult “Your long post shows you really don’t know the whole story and how much money it costs to run a global company” actually reveals much more about you than it does me. I guess you are nastier than I gave you credit for. I’ve defended you in the past, and you’re attempting to insult me in a public forum. Not terribly professional.

First, you’re not global. You’re national. Second, I have no difficulty comprehending the costs of running a national company. My point, which was well made and seems to have gotten under your skin, is that you should be charging your clients accordingly.

You essentially serve your clients for free and force notaries to bear your costs of doing business, instead of increasing the costs of your signings in accordance with the value you add.

If you were as aggressive in attempting to justify your costs of business to your clients as you are on these posts justifying yourself to notaries who take issue with your business practices, you could easily sell your clients on your costs of doing business and get them to pay you, rather than providing your services “free” to your clients and forcing notaries to bear your cost of doing business.

Rather than insulting notaries on forums who take issue with business practices, you could be pitching your value and your costs to your clients and increasing what you charge them accordingly, rather than forcing the notaries who perform your signings to bear your costs. (And by ‘you’, I mean signing services in general, not C2C or you personally. )

C2C is a global signing company, we do international signings every single day.
it was not intended to insult, I do not think you know the whole story of a signing company was my point.

Your post did not get under my skin at all I actually greatly appreciate a good conversation.
I also don’t force anyone to do anything, I am just not that important. I don’t want to be that important either.

I do understand many points you mention, i just think there is more to the story is all.


I humbly want to say again, my reply was NOT meant to be insulting in anyway.


Who is the point of contact at C2C regarding signing assignment besides you? I emailed Bill, he said he’s the accountant, just call the main number. I called the main number, usually Susan is the one picks up and she said she’s not sure either. I emailed to office@c2csignings.com and I got no response. Please help!

Thank you

I’ve had the pleasure of working with C2C. I had a great experience with them.

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I worked for C2C as a new agent. They were responsive to my requests and Lisa has negotiated the signing fee when asked and appropriate for the job. As a new agent other companies wanted me to have signing experience before hiring me for jobs. C2C takes new agents , and when I missed a signature they asked me to fix it - which I promptly did. Its a choice if you feel the fee is low and non negotiable then dont take it. But if you do then you owe C2C the professionalism that you associate with your brand.


215-693-3430 Contact me directly if you would like your loan sets audited immediately or if you have a question on a document, printer setting etc…

Kasey Coast2Coast Quality Control

I must assume you are deactivated with C2C from you comment. We are more than fair with our notaries and appreciate their hard work

Amy you have alot of errors, you do not need to bash a company that has tried to help you become a better notary. We are here to help.

We will continue to contract you for jobs in your area. If you need anything let us know or you can contact me direct at 215-693-3430. I am in the audit department. I am the person that audits your loans sets page by page for errors in hopes of not finding errors but if I do, I will work with you to get them corrected before the rescission period ends so the signer/s are funded on time

This is a pre-written error message that accompanies the email you will receive if you have an error that requires you to return to the signers. You are only allowed to back date when you have met with the signers previously and correcting your own error. When we ask for you to back date your error it is because we have instruction from escrow/lender/title to do so. This something you will learn if you have been formally trained and taken a reputable Notary course

Keep in mind the notary always gets more for a signing that we do, even if we only make $10 and the notary gets $75. If you check the CD you will see most times the notary fee is $90 and we gave you $75. Thats just a general number I put out there and all jobs are not that way but notary fees are always in your paperwork you are printing. Please do not bash us in the open unless you have sat down and spoken with us. We are more than fair with our notaries because we respect and appreciate each and every one of them

Trust me, C2C is global and does overseas signings daily. It is sad that we could not have come to common ground and worked out your differences other than on a public forum. You would see that C2C is very fair and appreciates all notaries even when they are upset such as yourself. We hope that you are well and continuing to become a stronger notary because I would have been the one to mentor you and show you where you were falling short and mentored you in a positive way to become a stronger notary in recent months.

You couldn’t be more wrong here

Now for transparency - I’ve never worked for C2C or Lisa - but a notary is not allowed to backdate EVER - if you want the signers to backdate their signatures on corrective documents, that’s one thing. But if a notarized document, the notary cert must ALWAYS contain the current date of signing, acknowledging or swearing to the statements.

If that’s what you meant…then okay but it’s not what you said. And I hope you don’t truly believe a notary is going to backdate docs no matter whose error it is.

We will not exploit a notary, please understand that when we ask you to back date your error it is not illegal, we have specific instructions from lender/title/escrow to back date because the loan set is not good if you put a date on something other than when you we’re there. I hope that makes sense that you cannot not have multiple dates of signing in one loan set

Keep in mind back dating only applies to an error, on critical docs such has RTCs DOTs etc…

Deed of trust has a notary acknowledgement… you’re saying it’s okay to backdate that?

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Yes, but keep in mind this only pertains to an error, for instance, if you complete the loan set on August 1st and then FedEx the loan set same day, you sent the faxback to us and the DOT is missing a stamp or it was not signed etc, when I catch the error and email you on the 2nd or 3rd of august, I will email you the entire DOT of 16 pages and send you a label and you will be instructed to use original signing date of the 1st.
Situation 2)- if the loan set is sent back and you did not have to send a faxback, if the error was caught by internal audit on the 17th of august, escrow will contact us and we will send you back out with a blank DOT and you will date it for August 1st, you will not date it for the 17th when you go back out to the signers to execute the Error DOT. If you date the DOT for any other day other than the 1st because all the other forms have been dated for the 1st, the loan will cancel out and not be insurable