C2C removes LSA from their list

Anybody knows if C2C removes LSA of their list temporarily or permanently? If temporarily, for how long?

C2C is a crap lowball company. Don’t chase lowballers.


Agree…but they sent me many assignments in Orange county. Other companies don’t have many signings in my areas

C2C is not a “crap” company. We are a good company.


C2C has a list of approved signing agents, we deactivate ones that we can not use. The reasons are varied,
Not Fidelity Approved, or no NNA background check. Making a mistake and not fixing the error. We all make mistakes so we do not require perfection. Not bringing copies of loan docs to a signer, this is a huge liability to our company and the lender. About 2 years ago, a notary in OC did not bring copies to a signer, and it went to court, end result, the borrower got his house for free.
its so important to bring copies of docs to a signer. always.
that is why you were deactivated. When we called you to ask you to get copies you said you would, but you never did.(per borrower)
we don’t punish signing agents with back and forth deactivation and reactivation. We are not that important.

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That’s weird because when I worked with C2C and made a printing error, I went back and resigned for free understanding that we missed a rate lock. Never got a call back. Actually you guys wanted me to backdate it originally but I refused because that’s illegal. That just shows your companies core values, you don’t help new signing agents, you try to exploit them.


I think the main problem with C2C is communication. They jusy need to be more responsive to signing agents during signings and give them feedbacks so that SAs can correct mistakes before they take any action. Their fee is low comparing with other companies but they have high signing volume. That I can’t deny. Reach out to Lisa for any issue, she can make things easier for you.

I got diactivatrd for commenting on text notifications in the middle of the night.

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Justin, we help new signing agents all the time. its a shame you didn’t understand the rate lock due to a printing error. But one day when that rate is paid by you maybe you will understand.
But I give my cell out so everyone can call me when our main number is exploding with calls.

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That is true, Becky you were upset that the automatons come sometimes very late pm or early in the am and they wake you up. This is an automatic thing, we cant change it. So we didn’t want to wake you up. Our clients sometimes work at 2 in the am, entering orders and once entering they automatically send out notices. We are unable to change it.
we loved working with you, but didn’t want you upset with us.

Thank you for the comment, we do have a 24-7 number 909-917-4586. Please know we do between 8k-10k signings a month right now. So email is best to reach us.
We really do try to communicate with everyone.

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C2C is a good company. It’s just that they keep most of the money for your work. You have the right to NOT accept their low offers just as I do. Full refinance package for $75 is absurd. Way too busy these days to accept such offers. Those of you that accept these offers keep them smiling.

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Hello, thank you for the compliment I think haha, Actually we do not keep most of the money. The average fee that our clients pay us is $125.00 we start at paying signing agents $75.00,.Loan Mods we receive $55, and start pay is $30. C2C also carries the $5 million E&O, Cybercrime of $5million, $5 million automobile insurance, $5 million dollars of general liability, and has 35 employees who have health insurance coverage and 401k match.
So we don’t take the lions share, and our overhead is not cheap. We have been in business for 20 years, and all our employees get to work from home to be with children ect. (before covid19, and after covid19) We are in 4 time zones, and we hire people from all walks of life.
Yes we are a good company. But we are not driving fancy cars and have huge houses.
if our fees don’t meet with your business plan, we respect that. If you need more than we offer, counter the offer.


I love working with C2C and Lisa. Never a problem. They send their fee they want to pay and I send my fee with what I want to get paid. Gosh folks. Its simple, you accept or don’t. I am never upset that I can stay home.

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Lisa is a good citizen. Just read her reviews on N/R and then conclude for yourself. Right, Lisa?

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Lisa, it appears you are not charging your companies enough, when you consider I get $150 from title companies directly.

That said, what you do offer is a lot of training for inexperienced signing agents who are still trying to figure this business out. And you are willing to take these agents and work with them, like you did with me. And to this day, on those rare occasions when you have a quick signing, and I have an hour (or less) between appointments, I still will counter your offer to make it worth my while.


Lisa Bittner, as well as the team at “Coast 2 Coast” are for the most part a great company to work for especially for newbies. Lisa practices with Integrity! Her reputation speaks for itself, I’ve heard great things about her. So far, I’ve gotten paid on time for some of the work I’ve completed for them, still much more to come. The employees can practice with more patience and communication amongst each other, as well as with signing agents. I feel like they might be a little quick to jump the gun on axing Notaries, especially if one of their schedulers or employees has a discrepancy with the agent. I hope my feedback can be beneficial to all parties.

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Lisa, forgive my poor choice of words. I sincerely apologize. C2C isn’t a ‘crap’ company, but from the perspective of notaries, its impact on our livelihood and its business practices prevent it from being a ‘good’ company.

I shouldn’t have personalized my frustration with the business practice of forcing notaries to pay for the services provided to title companies and lenders by signing services. My once wonderful industry has been horribly maimed by the practices of mass text cattle calls, bidding wars and lowball pricing; practices that have taken a wrecking ball to my industry and has ruined my small business and my way of life.

C2C is, in every other aspect a very fine company, in my experience.

What signing services like C2C should do is to sell your services properly to the clients, and increase the price of signings in accordance with the value you add, rather than forcing notaries to pay for your services to your clients.

If a notary signing fee for a refi is $125, then you should be charging $200 to the client. Pay us our $125, you keep $75, the client passes the expense along to the borrower, everyone wins. Forcing notaries to pay for your service to your clients is absurd.

If the client actually paid for the service, it would be a different matter entirely, but they don’t. The clients pass the cost on to the borrower. There is literally no reason signing services don’t set proper rates and sell their services accordingly.

Here’s a thought, Lisa. If you genuinely believe that C2C is a ‘good’ companies with a genuine value add to the signing process, then market yourselves accordingly. Sell your service to your clients and get them to pay for your service by adding it to the title charges on each loan, rather than forcing notaries to pay for the service you provide your clients.

I recently saw a response of yours identifying your costs for insurance etc. Don’t tell us. Tell your clients. SELL your clients on the value you offer.

We’re supposed to be on the same side.

Under the current business practices, signing services offer absolutely NO value whatsoever to the notary. Signing services take 40% of our money and offer us nothing except extra steps to perform.

And why do I say that signing services offer no value to notaries whatsoever; rather, they force extra steps on us while taking money out of our pockets?

Because like many other experienced signing agents, I work directly with several title companies with whom I have personal relationship from my years in real estate. It’s much simpler. They email me the documents, trust me to do my job, I perform the signing, and deliver or ship.

Three simple steps. I execute 99% error free signings, my documents always arrive on time, and I don’t spend half a day wasting time updating Snapdocs with status updates. I don’t need to be micromanaged. The title companies with whom I do business directly trust me to do my job, and I do it.

Until I moved to Arizona from Florida last year, all my business was direct from title companies I had personal relationship with from my years in real estate. I didn’t realize how horribly signing services have maimed our industry until I moved to Arizona and lost my client base.


Lisa can be very nasty. Maybe not to everyone, but she was certainly nasty to me. The good thing I got from C2C is experience.

Lisa is human, like everyone else. Generally nice, usually professional, but any of us can be accused of having a bad day or taking a less than professional tone when we’re under pressure.