Coast2Coast Signings, Inc

Has anyone every done a Signing with Coast2Coast Signings, Inc.?

My reason for asking is that they contacted me after 8 p.m. (eastern time) last Tuesday night, August 23rd. The Borrower was here in NC with her husband, staying in a hotel as they settled their Freshman daughter into Duke. The initial signing began in San Diego and they needed these additional docs signed now and sent back now! The Borrower said she’d tried to contact the Lender several times after their arrival to NC, but no one ever returned her calls.

I received three (3) documents that needed to be signed, including a Notice of Right to Cancel. (It has been my experience that a Notice of Right to Cancel is never signed!) Suffice it to say, husband’s name was incorrect and the dates on the Notice were incorrect as well. Also, they wanted back dates on Notice… Never again…

I never do last minute signings for someone I don’t know, Coast2Coast pays on time but is low pay for large doc’s of 200 pages only $75.00

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Yes, complete signings with C2C on a regular basis. I enjoy working with them and pay is always on time.


I have worked with Coast 2 Coast (formerly So Cal Signings) for 10 plus years. As a newbie they gave me their expert advice, they have always been patient and their Staff are great! They pay Net 30 or less and they always pay. Yes, they pay average to high sometimes, however, it is a consistent rate. From a business perspective, building relationships is what is important to me. I feel that many times, I am their first call now and some are minimal pages and short distance and others are longer distance and more pages to print. In the end, it all averages out to the pay that I seek. They are one of my favorites because I have come to know their Staff very well and vice versa. They had patience with me as a newbie, gave me a chance and guided me through difficult situations.


I have been working with them. They are a good company to work for and they pay on time.

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Thank you very much for your reply.

I was very much taken aback by these people. Now that I’m aware of their potential, I may be very hesitant to work with them again.

Thank you very much for your reply.

It’s not Coast to Coast fault the the documents were dated and spelled wrong. It’s the lenders. If you can’t get a hold of Coast to Coast as how they want you to correct them, you should line through and change and have the borrowers initial the changes and sign correctly. I would never back date the RTC. IF the RTC was never signed originally they need to sign with the date they are finally signing it.


It is understood that the RTC was to be dated on the date that it was signed. However, in this case, I was instructed to tell the Borrowers to back date it. (They wanted it to be dated as of the date this transaction originally began in San Diego, CA…August 19th.) I was in their hotel room in Chapel Hill, NC on the night of August 23rd!

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Coast2Coast is okay to work with if you like $75 loan signings. They are paying reliably now between 30 and 45 days. But they have pretty much a “one size fits all” policy, in that every loan signing is $75, no matter how large or complex it is. You can try to negotiate for more money, but it will only be approved if they can’t find anyone at their standard rate. I’ve seen 2nd and 3rd text blasts from them, with a higher rate when they can’t fill the order for $75 (typically happens on last minute night time or weekend closings). Bottom line is that they should only be used as a last resort.


I have performed a number of signings for them and always $100 or more. Yes they do start out at $75 but I do negotiate to my fee. Once we have an agreement they have always paid me between 30 and 45 days later.


I hope you didn’t back date, because if any problem arises with this loan even ten years from now and the borrowers go to court and tell them that they were told they had to back date it’s you that will pay the price. Any company that makes this illegal request is one that I would never work for ever, they are only putting you in jeopardy if you concede to their wishes. Honestly, it just isn’t worth your livelihood and potentially going to jail and/or fined for $75.00.


NEVER back date the RTC. The 3-day right of rescission is counted from the date the RTC is actually signed. While employed at a large lender (Bank of America) I was checking in signed docs for the funders. One set had an RTC signed on one date by the daughter. Then there was another one signed by the mother dated the same day as the daughter’s signature. But when looking at all the other documents, the mother signed her documents 2 days after the daughter signed hers. Logically, why would the mother sign only the RTC the same day as her daughter but sign all the other docs 2 days later??? Didn’t make sense so I referred this to the funder who thanked me for catching this. They had to return a new RTC to the escrow company and have the mother sign it. The 3-day right of rescission began the day she actually signed the second RTC. What is important is that the loan CANNOT fund until the 3-day right of rescission has expired and that is from the latest date the RTC is signed by one of the borrowers.

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Has anyone every done a Signing with Coast2Coast Signings, Inc.?


You did over 75 successful signings for Coast2Coast and they “fired” you for one botched job? How did they fire you? Just removed you from their text blast list? If you REALLY want to get back to being on the list to receive their $75 jobs, I would suggest that you send an email to Lisa Bittner, begging her forgiveness for any indiscretion on your part and promising to never do it again.

I agree that Coast2Coast will send out low ball requests. But they do negotiate and I have always received my fee. Some times much more if a notary cant be found and the signing MUST take place.

Same thing happened to me TDickey. Be confident, one Signing Company doesn’t determine your value. Not having them call me has been the best ever because now I am paid what I am worth. It leaves open the opportunity to find other higher paying jobs. You could beg Lisa Bitner or you could seek out higher paying work. I Network a lot and meet Realtors and Loan Officers. It takes effort, but direct hire from Escrow or Title Companies can bring as much as $250 and as little as $100. Best Wishes.

remember, sometimes on spilt signings, the transaction date might be when the first signing happened, the rtc date would then be dated of when the 2nd signer signs and dates,
the RTC is NOT a notarized document so it is not illegal to back date if for a reason that makes sense.

goodness, no one needs to beg me. But keep in mind a partnership is super important. You can learn that if the job being sent out might be a credit union refi. These only pay us $100.00 flat fee. So we cant give you $100.00 if that is what we are getting.
but get to know me, 909-525-8221
no one has to beg… .that just makes me feel terrible


Sorry to disagree with you, but it is illegal to back date any document. The only date that can appear on any loan document is the date it is actually signed. With the RTC, each borrowers gets their own copies of it, and it must be dated the actual date the borrower signs it. The 3 days begins on the latest date the RTC was signed by any borrower. Back dating is not limited to only those documents that are notarized!