Beware of c2c need to punish without responsibility

I am fairly new only having completed just over 200 mortgage closing. Most of the companies are easy to work. I used to think C2C was one of them. I was quickly reminded yesterday that the I am a fly on the back of these monster companies. Last week I declined a job in Lancaster Pa. I also put an outrageous fee in the box. At 430 pm I received a call saying they would offer me the money I wanted as long as I would agree to complete the assignment at 730 pm that night. The documents were received and printed. I called to say that the documents weren’t printing cleanly know matter what setting I used. I was told to get the job done. Drove an hour and half and met with the clients. The 4506 T were sent in three formats, 1 blank, 1 with clients name but no years, and 1 with years and no name. Needless to say I did what I was instructed to do by C2C. C2C came back to me 3 days later to inform me of the problems with the docs. I clearly forgot one notary signature. I was forcefully asked to return to the borrower Friday evening and resign 70 pages. I spoke with the borrower who agreed to have me out but told me the process has been discouraging. Reprinted 144 pages 1 copy to scan back and one copy for the borrower. I was on my way to the signing when I got a call that the assignment was cancelled. So I emailed the borrower to let him know I wasn’t coming. Then I received a voice message from C2C not to call the borrower. In the meantime, the borrower contacted me to say he was exercising his right to cancel. Lisa at C2C was furious with me and blamed me for losing a customer. The Lender then called the borrower who agreed to go through with the signing but requested I be the notary who came out with the paperwork. C2C threw me under the bus with everyone and then called me a lair because the borrower called me. To prove I didn’t I sent a copy of my call log showing the call came to me. In retaliation, Lisa cancelled the original order so C2C was no longer responsible for paying me anything. Be careful with C2C they only communicate when u are being punished.


Let title know what she did to you - maybe they’ll yank their account


My understanding is that the lender was trying to salvage the signing but because I was thrown under the bus no one wants to hear from me. The final straw is she tried to turn me into a lier with the borrower and she made it seem as if I called him when he called me. I even sent her a copy of my call log showing the call came in but she was busy poisoning everyone on me to save her own face. I would like to report her some where as I have copies of the bad downloads as proof.

I am the person that audits loan sets, the way you are speaking of Lisa does not even sound true, she does not raise her voice, You can email me and I will look this matter up and write a response here that can be worded in a confidential way. If you did happen to have a negative experience it can be salvaged easily and if you printed the paperwork in which we can see and if you went to the signer/s house and or appt you will be paid your trip fee and printing fee. Email me and I will validate your claim if it is true or you can call me direct at 215-693-3430

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Trust me, if this really happened I will validate and make a public apology but this just does not seem to be the Lisa I know you can call me or email also if you ever have as issue as I am with the audit department and I am the person whom checks the loans sets page by page before the rescission period ends so if there is and issue with errors I help the notary get it fixed so the signer/s are funded on time 215-693-3430

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You are incorrect about this loan set as I just looked at it and the loan set was 150 pages and took place on the 27th of july. You need to realize as a new notary the form sets you are talking about are totally different, you are speaking of a residential loan application, a HUDVA addendum to residential loan application and the tax forms within the entire loan set. You are a new notary and have to realize that before you make a complaint and bash C2C, just speak with us and we will help you and walk you through your question. This loan set you submitted did not require faxbacks and so your errors were caught by escrow directly and not by me in the audit/QC department. I wil help to mentor you until you are comfortable with the forms within a loan set if you are willing to learn. We are here to help you and you are here for the signer/s that depend you to know what these forms are and the difference within them all.


Beyond everything else, you were paid very incredibly well Ira Bilofsky

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Those scans are as clean as can be, I have checked them and you get the same exact download that we get. I am sorry if you feel slighted in anyway but I really feel like you should have contacted Lisa directly instead of saying this here. When you are a person that is willing to listen and open to dialog it helps all parties involved. Moving forward do not make what can be a permanent decision off of temporary emotions. Life is about change and how you deal with it and this being a new occupation for you, you should be willing to make connections with your new employers and open to learn. This is a very hard and challenging and rewarding venture all at the same time. I hope moving forward you will understand this always keep and optimistic mindset and ready to make connections based off of fact and doing and not just off of a whim or because you not willing to adapt to change. We love our notaries, new and old and want to help all of you be successful

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Why you claim to have done a second signing that included you to take 70 pages out to the signer and re-execute is simply not true,If you forgot one signature, make sense of why you claim to have taken 70 pages out to the signer to waste their time with 69 other pages? If you have done 200 closings how did you have 70 un-executed pages you needed to take back out to the signer/s? I know you are upset but do you realize if you made a second trip 90 min away, that means you messed up on 69 other pages also. Keep in mind you do not even have 70 pages of signatures and or dates for a signer to execute even if the loan set was 500 pages. You did not even have scan backs on the loan set although you are claiming you had scan backs for this loan set so it is disheartening for me to read this as your claims simply are not true and anyone reading this knows what you are saying is not true. You still will get your E-Check on the net-30 and C2C is not withholding money due to you as you did execute the loan set errors in all, although you have created this claim that is not true in any way shape or form. We will not post the particulars of this loan set, but I am sure you know that I am telling you is the truth and yes I am sticking up for Lisa and C2C

Kasey I don’t know you. I have never worked with you. I am not going to bash you for protecting your boss. But is clear you were left out of the loop. I have a Text message from the boss telling me I am not getting paid, because I was sloppy. The second order worth 140 pages for two sets was never post on the account as Lisa wasn’t sure it was going through until the last minute. I was in the midst of my drive 76 miles one way when the order was cancelled by a gentleman. I would question Lisa about the second order before you bash me and blame my new status. My experience with C2C ended negatively. I have copies of everything, from my call to complain, to my leaving notes on the file, which no one replied to, to being sent out to the property because another Notary backed out of the assignment. I know you are protecting you boss. I am not bashing C2C I am posting my experience so other notaries can be aware and make informed decisions about whether to put their time into working for this company. In the meantime, I have spoken to my attorney and she is suggested I write a strong letter to the President of the lender and include my documentation copies. I am not looking for a fight but to get paid. I will go away if paid without taking further action. But I must be paid.

Ira, you need to be very careful here, you printed docs and 77 pages were cut off, all legal documents were cut off. No one made you the scapegoat, you really did cut off the documents. I told you this, you were willing to fix this.
We did NOT lose the account, and I could cut and past the 20 or so emails from the lender and escrow and the borrower.
For some reason you dont want to admit it, and ownership is amazing.
When I make a mistake I own it, and i would be most happy to say it if C2C did anything wrong.
But I have the original documents sent to you and all the bar codes are at the bottom, but you cut those off.

its pretty simple, C2C had to pay this borrower house payment of $1095.00 due to the delay this caused.
This is why we keep business, if there are mistakes we say we are sorry and pay fees, and move on.

I appreciated your willingness to fix it, but time wise they ended up redrawing and closed.

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Lisa I want to move on. I have taken responsibility for the notarial signature I missed. You say I wasn’t thrown under the bus but the homeowner told me during his last call to me that I was blamed because I couldn’t print legal paper and yet the copy he has from me is on legal paper. You cancelled the assignment and had someone else tell me you cancelled the assignment. Then I get a message DONT CALL THE CLIENT. you have painted me as the villain and yet you want to walk away saying I wasn’t thrown under the bus, I am done. I want some payment for my time. Which according to Kasey I was paid handsomely for. Are the notaries in Lancaster aware that you believe there are only three good ones? Finally you told me you were losing $13,000 on this closing why did you indicate $1095. The big bad wolf always tramples on the ant.

let me set this straight,
this is what you posted at 10:49pm after the signing, not before
Jul 27, 2020 at 7:49pm PST THAT IS 10:49PM AFTER THE SIGNING

“Signing is complete. Everything went ok. The documents were not precise so I did the best I could. there were 3 4506 T. One was blank, one was filled in, and one didn’t have the years for the transcripts. None of them printed the signature line. In the package I printed for the borrowers the same problem existed. In two places another notaries name appeared so I crossed it out and wrote mine. Someone else was assigned to this case. Its the first time I have printed documents were these kinds of issues were found. I was assigned at 430 pm, had to get in the car by 6 pm in order to be at the borrowers home by 730 pm. There was no time to review the documents prior to arriving.”

  1. There was no other signing agent assigned to this
  2. It is not clear that all docs (or legal docs) had no signature lines, or the 4506T (4506T signature line is 3/4 way down"
    not clear if other docs had this issue.

THIS WAS NOT TOLD TO US BEFORE, but after the signing and it is not clear.
C2C should of asked more questions, and to be honest on Month end night, we could of missed this, or thought you only meant the 4506t.

you took the signing, and you drove a long way, we appreciate that. BTW, you are assuming you won’t get paid. The issue is this, we entered another signing when the redraw due to cut off docs was given to us. This does not mean your fee is gone.
I work with partners, and things happen, but the money is the least of the issue, the partnership is more important than money.

You are pretty new to SnapDocs, so I can assume you get most of your work from sources outside of SD. your profile speaks to accuracy. The docs returned were cut off.
The docs sent to you were not.
Is this the end of the world? NO, we are not curing cancer, we are not curing this pandemic.
but this is much simpler than you are leading with this blog.
Should we have call you to verify what you meant by your post? ** YES**
Could you of called the next day before shipping just to verify? Since it was such a quick turn around time? YES

I spoke to you a few times, and you were willing to jump to fix it, this was great.
But C2C failed in not calling you to verify what was really missed, you failed by not calling the next day to ask questions.
C2C failed as well, taking ownership is very important and something I work hard at.

the fact that on a month-end evening you took a signing, for what i think is a fair price to all and you were willing to drive so far with just a few hours notice… 3 for a 7:30 appointment time… was great.
when we brought up the error you were a bit defensive but willing to fix it, at least when I called.

So don’t assume your not getting paid.

Lisa Bittner
(while I appreciate, Kasey comments and loyalty) the facts are very simple
Communication on both parts were the key to this issue.
Had we known we would of been happy to rescan the docs onto letter size to help this out.


I know you want to move on, let me help.

  1. you were not yet on your way to the signers when canceling. But it was coming up.
  2. I asked you not to call the borrower about cancel, only because I was told they might need a full redraw and I didnt want to confuse an already stressful situation with the borrower.
    But you and the borrower did talk, in fact the borrower showed his text and call log to the VP of Stewart. When you told me he called you.
    You also sent your call log, but not your text log.
    I told you it was costing $13k because that is what the lender said he would lose if the file didnt close, and I offered to recompense them.
    but since they redrew docs, I had to pay, Rate lock, and house payment, and all notary fees.
    Big Bad Wolf?
    I started this business as a signing agent, and just worked hard like everyone on this board.
    You were not being paid handsomely, but fairly as you set the price.
    the price was fair.
    But as you “move on” just know this, you did cut the docs off, and we should of done more to help you.
    I am not painting you out to be a villain, as I stated this is NOT curing cancer. In the end our lives and families and friends and faith are what is important. But you brought this to a board and I have this right to do my best to state what others saw, not just me. Lender, Title,
    the missed signature is minor, cut off docs not so much.
    You will be paid, because of all the right things you did, took the file during month end, offered a fair price, went the distance, and tried to fix it.
    not much more to say than that

Thank you. I will move on at this point. Last thing. I didn’t send the text calls because I was asked if I called him. I said no. Did I email him out of courtesy I did send him an email before I was told not to contact him. Once I received that message I stopped. All I have is integrity and I believe in it.

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Trust me on this, we at C2C do all we can to make this a good experience for the signer/s and you as the notary are the main extension of them having a good experience. You are new and have alot to learn as I am still learning also. You have taken responsibility for missing a signature but not your printing issues and that is more critical with this loan set than the actual signature missed. When docs are cut off, they do require a full resign as your signers have now been put in a position that the copy you left behind is not usable and the copy you FedEx back to the lender/title/escrow and now the recorders office is not usable as the forms that are good are online with no signatures. We appreciate your hard work and you traveling to meet with the signers in what could be a remote area with less than a hand full of notaries that have experience to cover that area. As stated before we pay Net30 so the closest Friday to 30 from July 27 takes you to the week of August 28. Lisa is a good person and a good boss and a great team leader and she will go out of her way to make things right from lender/title/escrow/notary and signer/s. You will not hear from the owner of C2C (Lisa) or me in the audit department unless an error is made and we have to get the error corrected quickly as now you see how much lisa had to come out of pocket to make sure the signer has a flawlessly executed loan set and you are paid and the lender is taken care of. I hope that moving forward you see that in this industry one small mistake can cause a trickle down effect. We can help with small things on the back end as we do constantly everyday, there are alot of small errors we can get handled and you as the notary never know about it because we/escrow/title/lender are able to correct it directly with the signer and no one has to go back to the signer/s home especially with Covid being an issue. Keep in mind that one day when you get direct business from escrow, they will not tolerate mistakes in any way shape or form, we at C2C will work with you and make sure you have the tools and education you need to be successful


I try hard not to read, let alone respond, to some of the most ridiculous and whiny claims and accusations people - usually new notaries trying to look like they’re experienced experts - make in this forum. Lisa and C2C have been around the signing business a long time. She is not out to “punish” anyone, my gosh, so absurd. She is willing and has been giving new notaries an opportunity to break into this business which means sometimes she has to settle for substandard work—even Just one missed signature, which can be significant. You learn by mistakes - we all do. But this company is honest, generous and has been in business a long time because of their excellent reputation.

So sick of public trashing without concern. This is supposed to be a forum where fellow notaries can learn from each other.


This is similar to what happened to me. I always respond to their requests with double the amount they offer. I won’t be disrespected
Lisa was two faced and no one I ever talked to there was professional.


I’m a Notary but I haven’t completed any signings with C2C but would love to. I’ve talked to a few representatives with C2C and they were very professional.

I’ve worked with a few companies with “bad reviews” and found just the opposite. Despite their bad reviews, they turned out to be great companies to do business with. It made me realize there’s 2 sides to every story and 99% of the time, the notaries are at fault. I also found there are some notaries who admittedly made a mistake and instead of owning up, they ghost the signing company by not answering calls to correct the mistake.

I stand behind you @kasey_kyle and @LISA1 … Please call me, I would love to do business with C2C.


Thank you Jeff! We know that we are not a perfect company for sure. But we all try hard. Especially with business so busy, we are just swamped and we do fail at times, like everyone can.
but we try hard to be fair.