Celtic Signings

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In April 2017 I completed a refinance signing for Celtic Signings (Dennis McGrath) Cherry Hill, NJ. By June 2017 I still had not been paid my signing fee. I began sending repeated emails and making phone calls to Celtic Signings and Dennis McGrath for the next several months about payment with no response. In mid-November I sent an email to SnapDocs about my Celtic Signings ‘non-payment experience’ w/ cc to Dennis McGrath. Within an hour Dennis McGrath texted me to ‘make payment arrangements’. End of November I received my agreed signing fee via e-check.
Thank you to SnapDocs.


From time to time, I provide work to Dennis McGrath for some of my notary closings in South Jersey. I pay him promptly on time. This is surprising that he being a professional closer, is acting in such a manner off not paying, unless being pushed into a corner. Hmmm

I’m another notary looking for payment from Dennis, the last notary job I did for him was in October 2017 and still have not received payment. He also owes me on invoices from December 2016. Like other this was also surprising to me as he said to consider me one of his best notaries. I’ve read some of the comments and how they either treated or found legal advise to get payment. I went the opposite, I was courteous, patience and understanding since he always sent me work and had what I though a good and trusting relationship.If I don’t hear from him soon I will follow some of the advise from some of the members. Thanks for all posting it has help me.

Celtic Signings. Aren’t they located in Scotland?

This is funny or not so funny ?

I am yet another NSA that has been duped by Celtic Signings. I have sent messages through Snapdocs, emailed and called him. He said he would look into it and seemed nice. I am so tired of this. I learned my lesson and from this day forward I will only deal with vendors who I’ve worked for and have been paid for my work in the past or who are working with vendor-pay. I put hours into this job and he got paid for my work and I got nothing. Thank you Dennis McGrath.

DO NOT do any signings for Celtic Signings Dennis McGrath. I did a signing on 10/18/19. I have called, sent invoices and messaged him 10 times! Once he replied that he paid. LIE!!! I should have learned my lesson before when I did a signing for him and it took me 9 months to get paid. He is a fraud!!!

Yes, I’ve had this problem with him as well.

Well, I really should have read all this before agreeing to take the assignment. I am now 10 weeks post the signing and Mr. McGrath has yet to pay me. Says he will, but doesn’t. Now his voicemail is full and I cant even leave a message.

I would never use or recommend this service. I have been waiting 200 plus days to get paid. I am going to call the lender to get payment. Unprofessional. When you call they never get back to you. Terrible

I am having same issue. Since August. Dennis actually answers the phone, but that is it.
I advise everyone to refuse Dennis’ Celtic Signing/ The Closing exchange.
I am amazed that Dennis answers his phone?! he has been promising to pay since November. Now let’s face it, with the industry as busy as it is, there is NO reason for these companies not to pay!!!

He’s answering now. But that’s as far as it goes. We have to put his name and Celtic Signings out there for Notaries to Boycott!!! Also “The Closinagents”