Charge Fees For Mediation

What would be a reasonable amount to charge a mediation at a law firm. They’re not sure of how many documents.

Where are you located? And what are you being asked to do?

Well, are you there as a mediator or as a notary to notarize docs because you could be there for 3 hours and sometimes you could go back for a few more sessions so charge accordingly. $100 per hour is the min.
It’s interesting that you brought up mediation:) Now that is another side business gig that notaries can look into per state-specific of course:)

In the State of Colorado there are currently no statewide requirements for the practice of mediation.
But if you want direct business from the court you will want to complete 40 Hours Mediation Training. You can work as an independent mediator hire by private parties or hire directly by the court. And can charge anywhere from $100 per hr to $1,000 per hour but average is $250 per hour.

You can just specialize in the area of your expertise/knowledge.
For example, a realtor can be hired as a mediator in real estate disputes, or a Police Office can be hired as a mediator in criminal disputes, etc.
It can be experiences from your current and past jobs. It’s about using your expertise/knowledge in making decisions as a neutral party. You are already acting as a neutral party as a Notary.

I’m going to add mediation to my business:) I want to specialize in Divorce, Real Estate Investment, Land, Lending, and Banking, since I’m already familiar with those areas.

Some examples of mediation area:
Business, Civil Matters, Community, Construction, Consumer Related, Divorce, Domestic, Relations/Civil Unions, Education/School Related, Elder Care, Employment Issues, Environmental, Family Related, Healthcare, HOA/Homeowner, Insurance, Animal Related Matters, Labor Relations, Landlord/Tenant, Neighbor Related, Personal Injury/Product Liability, Probate, Estate & Trust, Real Estate. Small Claims. Workplace Conflict, Arbitrator, Child and Family Investigator. Decision Maker (PCDM), Facilitator, Federal Court Mediator
Licensed Attorney, Online Dispute Resolution, Restorative Justice Practitioner


LOL😂. Bobby4913, maybe you can add mediation to your business!

You mean sit for hours, cross-legged chanting “Oohhmmm”?

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where would you take the course?

mediation not meditation!

lol I knew what you meant…there’s many places for the training 1500- 2500…

I don’t need any medication, thank you. :wink:

Well, you can check with your state.
There are a few independent companies offering 40 hrs mediation training.
I like the one at Colorado Bar Association via online.

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That market won’t be as saturated as NSA for sure. And just like anything else you just need to know where to look!

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I will look into it…thanks for the info

What is your state ???i

Don’t let me look to put on another hat now…:shushing_face:…. I’m already tired with this business :yawning_face:

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:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:…. You crack me up

Sorry, I think it’s because I thrive on being busy. You have no idea:) I like to wear many hats:) I am a former banker, inactive KAPPA DELTA Phi Nas, I am a CNA, NSA, USTA tennis league player, a golfer, a painter, sewer, fashion designer, crochet and knitter, rose gardener, real estate investor and oh yeah a PITA. :joy:

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You’re funny but true