Companies that do not pay

Don’t take it lying down.
I am filing a class action against snapdocs. Wanna join? Also against the title companies & escrow companies.


Here is a way to game the system back.
Dont take work from dead beats or lowballers.

If you do, get the paper, call the title , escrow, lender,
Tell them that these signing companies do not pay work out a deal directly with them Usually $150 per signing. Tell them to pay a finders fee to these signing companies & to pay you the notary fee contracted in the CD or ALTA or other settlement sheet.

Usually when you do this at last hour, they work out and pay you directly. That is my new strategy
Also i read about a clever guy who sent the package COD. So with that , I can get paid, and they will get their papers?



I have a signing from June that has not been paid. I will never take another job from them either. I have called and called and sent emails and left messages, but no pay. I don’t know how they are still getting notaries to work for them. The pay is so low anyway and then you never see it!.

please contact me about your idea—sounds good

Yes, I agree about Mortgage Docs. I have been waiting on a signing from June 15 and have left messages with the answering company, sent emails and notified Snapdocs to stop sending me their requests. They only want to pay $40, but the one they owe me for was $75, but they deducted $25 because I missed the cutoff time. So, go figure. Slow signers and I get penalized, plus no payment anyway. DO NOT WORK FOR MORTGAGE DOCS!

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I had the same problem with mortgage and this is how I got them to pay me. I left voicemail messages and emails stating that since they’re not paying anyone they are cooking their books. Therefore, I was going to report them to the IRS. I had a check within the week.


There were two “Speedy Closings” one in New Jersey was owned by Frank, he filed Bankruptcy, the other is located in Florida and has always paid on time.

Signing in March with Notary Spot I have not been paid for.

What happened with NorthStar?!?!?!?

Lets add National Loan closings for non payment. Waiting for payment since June.

I shocked to here that NLC has paid me before 30 days every time I have done a signing for them

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Did one for them - don’t know why, guess they caught me at a weak moment. That was in May. Still waiting for payment. I have emails promising money, others saying the check is in the mail, etc. etc. I’m writing it off as a bad debt on my 2016 taxes. I think it’s the only benefit I’ll see from that assignment.

email; He’s some sort of VP. I threatened to bill the lender, check arrived 3 days later.

Hello all, I just did some research into IRS information regarding whether or not imposing certain requirements constitutes an employer/employee relationship rather than one of an independent contractor. There is a form called SS-8 that can be filed with the IRS to get a determination by them on the status of such a person. Here is the web address: I have also prepared a letter to my congressional representative requesting Federal regulation of all signing services. I recommend that all notaries send a letter to their representatives, too. If you would like a copy of my letter, contact me at: and I will email you a generic copy. You will need to look up the name and either local address of your representative or their office in Washington, D.C. and insert it in the generic letter, along with the date. I signed my letter with my name, address, and notary commission number. We desperately need legislation to regulate these signing services or at the very least to have our fees listed on the Closing Document and/or HUD-1 and to be paid directly at closing by the disbursing agency (usually the title company). I have also requested a separate investigation be started into the eligibility of the NNA (National Notary Association) to continue as a “not-for-profit” organization since they no longer exist for the benefit of notaries public but for their own profit-making ventures.


Im having the same problem with them. I sent them invoices for the 4 outstanding some since the first part of Oct. and Im told based on their pay plan formula it depends on when the signing occurred on when you will get paid. The worst example is any signings done in dec will not be paid until end of Feb. but it appears there is a 60 day wait on all signings with their formula and in a couple cases it appears 90 so I wont be signing for them anymore if they are going to take that long to pay.

Whats up w/Snapdocs I just signed on w/them and have received two text from them and as soon as I respond they tell me it’s been assigned to someone else. Thinking about not accepting anymore assignments…

You should still do you civic duty and report them to IRS and also complain to your past lenders/ title that they take money and dont pay. Shut them down . Put them outta business

Notary laws are governed by the state. You should start with your state legislative senators.

  1. Write our the outline, background and how your class ( notary as a class ) are being cheated.
  2. Ask for them to sponsor a bill in state legislature to
  • Increase notary fee per notarization if the current fee is ridiculous low and has not changed.
  • Ask for change in notary law that all notaries must be paid immediately following a notary act.
  • Ask for clause that in case of real estate transaction or other transaction where the actual transaction is never consummated, the notary needs to be paid , regardless of the outcome of the notarial act.
    Ask for classification of non payment of notary service as theft to be determined as felony .
    IF such a theft is committed across state lines,then it should be classified appropriately.

I just today received an email from John Kozak @ carrington title where he again claims they paid crooked Notary spot, therefore Carrington fulfilled their contractual obligations . As we deplorables contracted with Notary Spot we will need to pursue the bad debt with Notary Spot… In other words we are screwed. I asked Kozak to remove my name from any jobs involving his company( Carrington) going forward. One small chargeoff for FYE 2016. Hope everyone in this forum rejects Carrington work!!

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Kindly apologize, for calling you out. Though you are entitled to your opinion as per free speech, running away from a problem and then advising people to avoid Carrington does not solve a thing.

I got one such email too. Perhaps he is just trying to get you to admit to and cover Carrington from paying you.
He may be right, He may be wrong. Unless we take them to court & also complain to state insurance commissioner about this, they may not relent. After all an Attorney’s job is to protect his/her client.

A true business man identifies opportunities and seizes them, even in adverse conditions.
I have used this opportunity to change Carringtons practices & they have eliminated the middle man/woman.

Due to my sustained efforts, Carrington is NO LONGER employing ANY SIGNING SERVICE.

They are now directly contracting with notaries and pay 120 $ per signing as compared to $75 previously , which went unpaid from a signing service

Working directly with tile companies pays best and pays fast…
Why would you refuse such an opportunity to earn more & also a chance of working with a title company?

Title companies pay more & rarely go out of business or cheat notaries.
They have much higher stake than think of way to stiff a notary out of $100

That said, We need to get paid for past services.
Ultimately that is the goal.

Notaries like you spoil it for every one by backing down easily and advising every one to do the same also.

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