Companies that do not pay

Be aware: a company called The Signing Agents, probably consisting of one person Kendahl-Rae, plainly does not pay.
Phone is not answered, messages are not returned. Strait-forward lies about ‘payment is processed’ after numerous emails…
Cheap as well. In a word, if you make a lot and do not care about loosing $75 give them a try.


Darn, I wish I had read this before I accepted a signing from them, now over 30 days overdue.

I have the same sentiment about reading, it never happens… There is plenty about them on rotary notary. I posted this only today and for the first time ever and did it because I promised this company that they will be all over internet. They in turn wished me ’ a good day’…

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Beware of Speedy Closing and Title Services. I haven’t been paid in 110 days. I’ve emailed and left messages for him. I even spoke to him and he had the nerve to tell me that I wasn’t the notary assign to the signing. How funny is that? I’m the one that completed the signing for him. Also beware of National Preferred Notary. Haven’t been paid in 98 days. I spoke with a rep there who told me they will be sending my check and I have yet to see it. I dislike the fact that these companies take advantage of notaries. Especially when we’re in another state. We can’t get to them.

Here’s an update. I did get paid by this company it was late but I did get paid. So I’m happy about that.

Same with The Notary Spot.

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Did you get your Notary Spot order on snapdocs?
If so did you close it out on snapdocs?

Pretty sure Speedy file bankruptcy.

Just received a notice from NJ District Bankruptcy Court. Speedy Closing filed Bankruptcy.

Hopefully no one is taking jobs from Everything I’ve seen on the web states they do not pay. I have one that is at 110 days and counting. Their website states I was paid May 15th. Rudy the owner wrote me 10 days ago after I told him to quit contacting me about jobs and I threatened to tell the IRS he’s cooking his books. He said I’d be paid and that he disabled my account. Well, guess what…still no payment and I let him know I have screenshots of the fraud. Do not accept anything from them.


I always get notifications from them but their pay is like $30-$55 so I never accept. Thanks for the heads up

Anyone here about Natusa. They seem to be pretty easy company to work for. Pay is quick

Be careful of northstar notary.

NotaryeX doesnt pay either. I have been waiting for payment since MAY!

The Notary Spot is not paying. I’m due for a signing from 7/1. I’ve heard of others (FB forum) due since May. I’m only posting because apparently the company has had “financial troubles” lately. I’m also posting because they sent a notification last night about a new assignment!!! NO SIR! not until you pay for the ones that are outstanding. I also found out that they are paying some people and not others. Someone in the forum replied to my post stating they’ve recently been paid.


I’m due for more but that’s the oldest one. Apparently there are many people who have not gotten paid from them. They do not answer phone calls or haven’t returned my emails since I’ve been requesting my payment.

Hi Im wishing I never took another one of these assignments in August. Still Having trouble getting something from July and have sent numerous emails ans phone calls. I got this assignment through snap docs. I wish there was a way to contact snap docs and let them know this is happening with this company. Im thinking of calling the title company this was done throught to see if they had issued money to them and when.

The Notary Spot, three assignments, $300, waiting on payment, since first job in May. No response to email, phone calls, or responding to vmail.

I thought it was ok because it was on Snapdoc, but it seems like they don’t do good research before allowing companies to send out orders. I sent them a message on non payment and they said they could do nothing.

Snap docs allows you to stop getting anything from a company again. Allows you to give your reason. Look at the bottom of their app and shows you how to contact Snapdocs.


I saw an interesting post on Notary Rotary, where this gentleman had not been paid for over 90 days. He took a second signing with the company and sent the docs back COD for both signings. Clever!